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  • EVEN WHEN, ESPECIALLY when, it comes to music, Station Casinos loves locals. Our entertainment managers build strong ties with many local bands, often booking them at our various casino lounges, showrooms, clubs and pools. We help local bands connect with new and old fans through our facebook pages and we talk them up on twitter, and share blog space with them just like this. GVR recently announced an upcoming show with Las Vegas’ favorite hard rockers, Otherwise. The Otherwise show at Green Valley Ranch is April 2, there’s no cover and we welcome those 21+.   We recently caught up with Otherwise front man, Las Vegas native, Adrian Patrick:

Adrian, you and your band mates in Otherwise have been busy! Congratulations on an exciting year. Where have you been recently?

2010 was a break-out year for us Wise-Ones; we had the opportunity to tour twice last year: during the summer on the Rockstar Mayhem Festival with Korn, Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, Atreyu & In This Moment, and then again on a winter tour with In This Moment, Non-Point & Taking Dawn. So we were able to gain a lot of exposure across the entire nation & up into Canada, as well.

What’s the history of Otherwise, in a nutshell? Are you all from Las Vegas?

Yes, 3 out of 4 of us are born & bred here in Vegas. My brother & I started the band back in 2004 when we realized neither of us were going to play pro football! We needed to find a way to give our parents the life they deserve, while still feeding the fire within ourselves.

How did you connect with In This Moment, and what can you share with our readers about that experience?

We linked up with In This Moment through Grammy-nominated producer Kevin Churko. They needed a male-vocalist for their rock-metal duet “The Promise” so Kevin recommended yours truly, after we recorded our single “Lighthouse” with him. “The Promise” is currently in the Top 30 on the Billboard Active Rock chart & the rest, as they say, is musical history. In This Moment was one of our favorite bands before getting the opportunity to work with them, so it was the experience of a lifetime to get a chance to become friends with them; we’re blessed to know that band.

The rock scene is pretty tight here, isn’t it? Any area bands that Otherwise wants to give a shout-out?

The Vegas scene is pretty cool, TAKING DAWN & ADELITA’S WAY are two bands that have done well for all us Sin City rocker-boys by signing major-label deals & touring the world. Mike Stanley from CONFLICT OF INTEREST, Chase Grijalva from FALL IN VAIN & myself have been through a lot of the same struggles together. Plus, we have the support of some of the best venues in the nation thanks to remarkable people like Monica Reeves at Station Casinos, Holmie Pooser at the House of Blues & Mark Hornsby at the Black Door.

Are you a Mac or a PC? iPhone, or Droid?

None of the above, I use my cell phone strictly for texting purposes only… that’s all I need!

You’re playing in the same room Steel Panther packs on a weekly basis, so I’ll ask you some of the same questions I asked them:

Van Halen or Van Hagar? Definitely a Diamond Dave fan!

Ozzy or Lemmy? Since Kevin Churko did his last two albums, I have to go with Ozzy!

April 2nd at Ovation inside Green Valley Ranch is going to be a special night. Anything special we can say to the local Otherwise fans?

We are very lucky & grateful to have the kind of support that we do, here in our beloved Las Vegas. Yes, we’ve endured some very dark times as a band, but we’ve also seen the brightest Light together, & that’s largely thanks to the people here in this city who constantly motivate & inspire us to continue doing what we love. We’re always striving to make our supporters proud to call themselves Wise-Ones.

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