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Online version of poker

It goes without saying that poker is quite popular all around the world and it is considered as one of the most addictive games. The online version of this game has contributed significantly to its popularity. The objective of this article is to talk about poker cheats to inform players about the benefits and truth of it. In this regard, it is worth mentioning here that some of the people are using some really advanced software and they are using them as poker cheats to earn supernormal amount of money. This software basically gives you complete detail about your style of playing and they recommend different moves.

Watch and learn the game first

When we specifically talk about online poker people have devised different ways to beat the online poker software. We have focused so far on the cheating aspects of poker, now let’s steer this discussion towards the poker cheats in terms of rules. In this regard, one of the first poker cheat which you will want to imprint on your mind is to watch and learn the game first. Beginners usually jump in with incomplete knowledge and as a result they end up losing a lot of money. It is highly advised that you watch poker games for a while and learn all the rules. In addition, it would be better if you do not play for real money initially.

Learn to fold when necessary

One of the fundamental mistakes which every rookie player make in the beginning of their professional career is that they do not fold and so lose a lot of money initially. In this regard, it is important for you to trust the gut feeling and fold whenever you think you should. It is true that sometimes you will regret not folding but it is safe to assume that there will be even great number of instances where you would have appreciated yourself on folding. It is worth reiterating here is that gut feeling is very important and you should heed it. Lastly, it is important to note that we learn from our mistakes.

Poker is a widely played game and with the introduction of its online version its fans have considerably increased. It is considered as one of the addictive games today. Before you start playing with the real money, it would be better to learn some poker cheats to help you get proficient.

USA Online Casinos Video Poker

How To Play USA Online Casinos Video Poker ?

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Online Poker For US Players | Online Poker USA

Have you ever wondered what a poker game is?

There are many thoughts you may be harboring about a game of poker. There are many theories that have been created by people just to explain it. Well it’s about time you get to know what the real meaning of poker is. Poker is a game that involves bets and individualistic play. The winner is determined through a combination of cards dealt and ranking. These cards can be hidden until the end of the game. The procedure under this game varies. There are many versions of poker with many different rules.

What are the different types of USA online poker?

First of all in poker game there are two broad categories of this game. These include the physical game itself and that which is conducted online. There is no big notable difference however in the mode of play. The difference comes in the offering. The online poker game is offered through a network. On the other hand physical poker game is face to face. Just as the word suggests it’s offered in a certain geographical location. This is mostly in live casinos.

What is online poker?

This is a game of poker played through the internet. This form of poker is responsible for the increased number of poker players worldwide. It has raised a lot of revenue that runs into billions. In fact from recent reports from a credible research carried out, it stated that for every four dollars gambled one is actually gambled online.

What led to the rise of US online poker?

Well there are many reasons as to the rise of the online gambling casino mostly offering poker. These are the same reasons that have made it very famous. Most people enjoy it mostly because of its privacy since it has less intimidation. The reasons why include;

1. Intimidation to the novice players

In any game there are those people who show an interest though they are fairly new to that type of the game. So what do they do? Since they have fear of the unknown e.g. how will other players perceive them? This makes them look for alternative options of the same activity. That is the precise moment they think of the internet and certainly they visit these sites offering the online games. Since they won’t be seeing anyone face to face they are more comfortable with this kind of offering.

2. The brick and mortar casino owners do not support poker

The main reason why they do not support poker is due to the fact that they earn much less when offering a gane of poker. First of all they take a big floor space. This space they argue could be used to hold different many slot machines which can bring in much more money since they can control it more easily. In a poker game it is not easy for them to earn a decent amount of money since they do not control the game. In fact poker is almost the only game the owners do not control.

3. Online poker games lack overheads

The first feature you know about an online casino is that it does not have any overheads. What do I mean by overheads? They are factors like rent and electricity charges among many others. These work against the owners who operate the physical facility. You will find that it is cheaper to have an online casino offering a game of poker instead of the physical one. Although the prestige aspect of it will be missing but it saves on a lot of costs. The key factor in dong business is making profits and big ones for that matter.

4. Online poker games can easily curb against collisions between players

How do they do this? It’s simple they have software that detect virtually everything the players do. They even have prior statistics as to how many cards a player may be having. Therefore in this kind of setting it is very difficult to hutch and conceal a collision. I am not saying that it does not happen, no, it happens but on the minimum side.

Is online poker legal?

In many countries it is legal, although, there are some countries that do not allow it. Some of the counties that allow it include the Caribbean and the United Kingdom. It was introduced in America by a law that stated that it should show a physical location as a proof since cases of fraud have become rampant but who can blame them. They are trying to do their duty and ‘protect’ the public. However, due to excessive lobbying some states, a good example being New York, allowed it terming it as a game of skill rather than chance hence not gambling. Nevada became the first state to legalize poker but with a condition that you should at least have 21 years and above.

How do these online poker rooms benefit?

They benefit in four major ways;

1. Rake

Through a rake they collect which is cheaper compared to that which is collected by live poker houses due to lack of overhead cost s and many other factors

2. Entry fees coupled with tournament cost

They use entry fees which are added to the entry cost of the tournament,

3. Blackjack offered by some houses

Some houses offer blackjack where by the players play against the ‘house’ although the odds always seem to favor the house

4. Investing the players deposits

Lastly most organizations that hold money for players invest it to create extra cash. They operate just like banks at least as far as deposit are concerned. These houses are not any different.

How do you play poker?

Poker is not that hard to play as many people believe it to be. There are many rules to follow. I bet there is no where you will find a game that is played with no rules. The rules vary from house to house but there are those that are common in many houses. Some of these rules that you have to follow include;

1. Buy in

Before you take any seat in any poker table you have to take a buy in. there are two types of buy ins. These include a limit game and one with no limits. In the limit game the buy in is mostly at ten times the number of limits of the table. In the non limit game mostly it is set at twenty times the number of the big blind.

2. Misdeals

If there happens to be a misdeal the cards are dealt and the correct players receive the cards they were entitled to during the hand. The following may contribute to a misdealing

a. Exposed cards on any deals, if the dealer exposes two or more cards during the dealing

b. If during the opening game two or more extra cards are dealt

c. Boxing any two cards incorrectly in the deck

d. Dealing a player an incorrect number of cards

3. Dead hands
Any cards that are marked or damaged in any way are considered to be dead cards. This is mostly done to reduce collision between players. a hand can be declared automatically to be dead if one of the players decides to muck their cards.


It is a part of life. But as much as it is normal the players are advised to practice indiscretion as much as possible. The following are some of the common practices a player can do to avoid irregularities and/or common irregularities

a. Protecting your cards is a very important thing. Players are advised to use whatever they see in their presence to protect their cards e.g. chips and hands. If you fail to do so and any thing comes up then you will have yourself to blame.

b. If a player has a prior knowledge of any irregularities with the deck and fails to it share then the table will definitely lose their right to refund and their bets will be put in the pot for the next round of a legal bet.

c. If a foreign card is discovered for example a card with a different color from the rest of the cards, then the hand is automatically declared dead

d. If two cards that are similar that is from the same suit and rank, then the hand is declared dead automatically.

Betting and raising

With an exception of low balls most of the time check raising is allowed. Unlimited raising is allowed in many situations which may include;

a. Pot limit and no limit games

b. In limit games when more than three players are involved and all of them do not go in, any games with 2 betting rounds and finally in any game allowing three or more games, then the maximum number of raising allowed will be three.

The showdown

For any player to win in a round, then all the cards must be shown whether, they were used in the winning hand or not. Mostly you are advised to take the words of the cards and not the players. You must not reveal your card to anyone when you are playing. If in case you show your card to your neighbor then you must show everyone that card. Since unfair advantages can affect the outcome of the game.


In stud games, usually suits are used to break ties of the same rank. In ascending order the cards rank from clubs, diamonds, hearts, and finally spades. Card deals can also be used to make decisions however; they cannot be used to split a pot.

Poker games

There are different types of poker games that can be played this include Texas holdem, Omaha, seven card stud, razz and finally lowball poker.

How can you become a good poker player?

There are many tricks, if you like you may call it rules of becoming a good poker player. These tricks can also double up as tips to becoming a pro within a short period of time. So what are they?

1. be willing to fold more often

You should not always harbor thoughts of playing every other round as this may even expose your weakness to your competitors. You should always to part with your hand no matter how good it was especially if you have been beaten

2. Do not assume even for a second that playing in a live casino is like playing online

You should always realize that when playing in live casino your feelings and expressions are on display for everyone to see. Also you are likely to play with more skilled people so be extra cautious.

3. When you bluff, do so wisely and sparingly

Do not bluff just because you have thought of doing so. Fold if it is completely necessary.

4. Be a graceful loser and a humble winner

You should always keep in mind that today you are a winner but tomorrow you may lose. Next time you win; don’t start telling everyone and bragging about it. Likewise when you lose do so gracefully don’t start raising hell while talking of unfound allegations of rigging. Why is it that when you win its fair but when you lose its unfair? Ask yourself that question

5. Avoid playing when you are emotional

Chances are that you will lose since you won’t be thinking straight and as you know poker is a game of skill so you might miss the point. If incase you happen to lose your cool in the middle of the game take time to relax before resuming the play to avoid your competitors from taking advantage of you.

6. Watch your colleagues closely

You should always have very sharp eyes just like the eagles. See what your competitors are doing, try to follow the pattern of the game, and do not forget to check body language and player reactions.

Poker is a game of skill, so when you play be more rational and as cool as deep river while as sharp as an eagle. Focus at all times if you want to make a big kill. Just like it was put forward by some famous people that;” you have to know when to hold them, when to fold them and know when to walk away, because every hand is a winner and every hand is a looser”.