USA Accepted Casinos

USA Accepted Casinos game is very popular around the world. Its theme is based on the ancient Egyptian queen known as Cleopatra. This casino classic uses various symbols like scarabs, hieroglyphics, scatter symbol and sphinx. Double Sphink symbols give players instant scatter compensations. Moreover, if one gets three of them in a row then they are eligible to free spin incentives where one gets 15 extra spins and an opportunity to strike big cash jackpots. After triggering this action, relax and watch as your bonuses slowly accumulate. Cleopatra Slots Game offers players an opportunity to make big money from the comfort of home. Gamers would also benefit from captivating voice-overs which constantly encourage them as they play.

What is the New Cleopatra 2 Online Slots?

A new version of USA Accepted Casinos was recently released on the net. IGT have managed to enhance it by adding a new feature known as free spin incentive, this way one can win a maximum of 50 spins with specific multipliers going up by one for each session. The game represents an impressive mix of sound and graphics, plus the last 5 spins can rotate 15 to 20 times over to the final win. Through the cloud platform users can play alongside friends from different parts of the world.

How to Play

1. Place a bet and then spin your reel. USA Accepted Casinos consists of 5 reels and is available in 2 unique versions. The first one has nine game lines while the other consists of 20. There’s no limit to the amount of lines one can play. Cleopatra slot game begins with one cent and may increase to thousands of dollars depending on the policies of specific casinos.

2. Keep a close eye on sphinxes, symbols and scarabs since they have great bonus offers. A single set can give you around 15 additional rounds of play. Strike 5 Cleopatra signs and win figures 10,000 times over your original bet. A set of five scarabs can pay between 2,000-1, two sphinxes 2-1, three sphinxes 5-1, four sphinxes 20-1 and five sphinxes 100-1. Triple prize offers by scoring winning combinations at the 15 rounds bonus play. Prizes are usually calculated after the conclusion of a round.

What will you get?

There are several versions of the USA Accepted Casinos and all of them have different payout plans. The brick & motor casino game is also referred to as ??kiosk’ version, and they usually have low profit rates compared to online versions. To score more points, play as often as possible so that your chances of hitting a jackpot may also increase. Jackpots can also be obtained by betting on maximum amounts. Nevertheless, hitting the ??Spin’ icon while reels are rotating may prematurely sbest the game thus preventing you from making scores. Effective free spin bets are similar to those placed when bonuses are triggered. The pay-table of free spins is similar to regular Cleopatra sports except that all official wins would be tripled. Coinciding wins falling on different price lines would also be added onto the overall payout amount. Players should always read and understand a website’s user policy before signing up.