Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Professional Gambler?

Movies and TV don’t show a realistic picture of professional gamblers. They show them either as losers who blow their life savings on the dogs or they show them as fantastically rich, successful Vegas denizens with a blond on each arm and money sticking out of their pockets.Real professional gamblers are neither of those things. Most of the ones I’ve known were either larger than life, or kept such a low profile that you wouldn’t know they were at the track. The larger than life ones usually had a very tumultuous existence. They’d win, then they’d lose, then they’d win, but no matter what, they somehow managed to stay afloat.The quiet ones, the ones who look and act like insurance salesmen, just quietly place their bets, collect their winnings and go home to their families like any other career-man. It’s just that their “career” happens to be picking winning dogs better than 90% of the other people at the dog track.I’ve talked to them and they all say the same thing. To them, handicapping is a job. They also say that they’d do it even if they never made a cent from it, because it’s what they love the most. I’ve never met a handicapper who was “just putting in his eight hours” like people who work for other people. Most of them love the freedom of working for themselves and being responsible for their own success.If you’re that type of person – someone who doesn’t need the safety net that a regular job gives you, then you might do well as a professional gambler. That is, if you learn how to handicap and manage your money well enough to make a profit. That’s the hard part of being a pro.The people who seem to do the best at it are the people who have a good stake to begin with to take them through the times when they lose. And there will be times when you lose. Even the best handicapper has losing streaks.So, if you can learn, manage money and have enough money to get through losing streaks, you could do well at gambling for a living. If you don’t panic when things get risky, that’d help too. No matter how good you are, there are always times when you pick what logically SHOULD happen, but it doesn’t. That’s why they call it gambling.To win at the dog track, you need a winning system. You can learn the basics of handicapping from a program or online, but to really make good money at the dog track consistently, you need proven Greyhound Handicapping SystemsYou can find systems, articles and tips to help you win at the dog track from someone who shares over 30 years of “going to the dogs” at ebnetr.comFebruary 16, 2009

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USA Online Casino


USA Online Casinos are increasingly becoming popular, with millions of users from all over the world accessing them.

USA Online Casino are becoming popular because of high quality internet infrastructure in the country which ensures that the applications are online 24 hours a day seven days a week and 365 days per year.

-US Online Casinos are also highly secured from hacking and other cybercrimes using various technologies such as encryption and use of firewalls in order to prevent any unauthorized access to the system.

-United States Online Casinos have to confer with all internet security standards set in order to prevent online casino users from possible cyber-crimes and other online insecurities.

-Apart from Internet infrastructure, USA Online Casinos have also benefited a lot from the introduction of online payments methods.

-USA Online Casino accepts all types of online payment methods including credit cards, MasterCard, Bitcoin, Pioneers, money-bookers among many others.

-With the world moving towards full embracement of Mobile banking, USA Online Casino have started accepting mobile banking methods of payments which are more convenient and easily integrated with mobile phone applications.

USA Online Casino

-USA Online Casino desktop applications enable users to access online casinos from the comfort of their desktops computers at home.

-USA Online Casino developers suggests that ,the desktop application casinos are very advisable for people who have family commitments but cannot do without gambling because it helps them access casinos at the comfort of their living rooms.

-The rapid growth of mobile computing hasalso made an impact on the world ofUSA Online Casino.

-USA Online Casinos are now developing mobile applications for online casinos using various platforms such as Android, IPhone, windows and all other mobile operating systems that exist in the world.

-USA Online Casino mobile application versions are exactly like any other mobile application but the best thing with them is that they look exactly like the real world casinos.

-USA Online Casino mobile application casinos are guided by a well-developed online casino algorithm which ensures that the user have the same experience as the persons who visit the casinos physically.

-As many people continue buying improved mobile computing gadgets, mobile application USA Online Casinos will continue getting popular with all people in the society.

-USA Online Casinos have a big advantage over ordinary land casinos because their charges are lower compared to the physical casinos that exist.

-USA Online Casino reduces charges can be attributed to the cost that is cut in renting apartments, getting licenses and many other small things that add up to huge operation costs of physical casinos

– USA Online Casinos will soon eliminate the traditional physical casinos because they are more transparent in their operation hence making them more reliable for all users.

– USA Online Casinos are nevertheless faced with several problems hence making many people to hesitate before joining them.

– USA Online Casino security specialists are working all the day to ensure that all fake casinos are eliminated hence eliminating fraudster in the market.

– USA Online Casinos growth is expected to rise even higher due to the effect of globalization where all people from different parts of the world joining

USA Online Casinos

• American casino is the best online casino that accepts US player.

• The best online casino that accept US player also have day to day promotional offers for them.

• Promotional offers for Slots and for selected table games for the best online casino that accepts US player.

• Best online casino that accept US players with unbeatable bonuses for different table games are also there.

• There are some other best online casinos that accept US players, other than American casino.

• Jungle casino is also among the best online casino that accepts US players.

• It is one of the best online casinos that accept US players and also have multiple payment methods.

• Next feature of it is that it provides a wide selection over a variety of games which makes it one of the best online casinos that accept US players.

• It is the best online casino that accepts US players because it accepts the players from around the world.

• The distinguishing feature which makes it the best online casino that accepts US players is because of its acceptance of all major US credit cards.

• The one of the important thing that makes the best online casino that accept US players, is the availability of hundreds of game out there.

• The best online casinos that accept US players also provide very generous bonuses to their player, which makes them stand away from the bunch of crowd.

• The best online casino that accepts US players provides a great opportunity for US players to get their hands on some free casino money without risking their own money.

• People from different places are welcomed at different best online casinos that accept US players.

• The best online casinos that accept US players also provides opportunity to its player to deposit their money over the phone and also help them by its 24*7 customer support service.

• The best online casino that accept US players also provide security to its customer by storing all deposit related information and terms on a very safe servers and also protecting it by firewalls.

• What makes the best online casinos that accept US players, best among different online casinos is its diversity which they provide by a wide variety of games, keeping in mind taste and preferences of its different players.

• No matter which card you take like visa, maestro or a master card or anyone, the best online casinos that accept US players will accept it.

• The best online casino that accept US players has maintained its standard of excellence from quite a long time by its genuine and humble efforts only.

• The best online casinos that accept US players are also easily available in their flash versions where you can easily download them.

• Jackpots are also available on the best online casinos that accept US players for its different player.

• If anybody gets into any problem the best online casinos that accept US players are ready to help them at any time by their great team of highly expertize customer support staff.


– Online Casinos Accepting USA Players is a powered, licensed online casino for the players of USA and all over the globe.

– One of the best ways for USA player’s money be utilized in a good direction is to use Online Casinos Accepting USA Players.

– The recent internet technology has made it easy and introduced the new way of betting and Online Casinos Accepting USA Players is the best example of it.

– Students, professionals or players. Who ever want to play online betting can use Online Casinos Accepting USA Players.

– Online Casinos Accepting USA Players ensures that your money will be utilized in a right direction and all the services will be provided what you are expecting.

– One of the best advantages of Online Casinos Accepting USA Players is that we accept players from all over the countries.

– Players in Online Casinos Accepting USA Players are ensured and guaranteed full time facilities and bonus money if they meet all our criteria.

– If you are in search of best online gambling website then Online Casinos Accepting USA Players is best for you.

– Using Online Casinos Accepting USA Players and investing your money on this website would be a great experience of yours.

– If online gaming has become your favorite pastime then chose Online Casinos Accepting USA Players, you will surely enjoy all the interesting features, services, promotions and many more.

– In the exponential increase of online gambling websites, Online Casinos Accepting USA Players is a website that is a right path for a new player as it a herculean task for new player to select which site is the best one.

– Online Casinos Accepting USA Players provides our players the facility to deposit online as well through their cell phones depending upon their need.

– Moreover, if there is any sort of query or any type of ambiguity Online Casinos Accepting USA Players provides our players the free facility to co-ordinate with our 24/7 helping and supportive staff.

– Online Casinos Accepting USA Players accepts all types of cards such as visa cards; pay pal, Payza cards, Master cards, Amex (American express), Pasteandpay Casinos, JCB card casinos etc.

– Online Casinos Accepting USA Players has made a standard of perfection for its players.

– Online Casinos Accepting USA Players is a role model for other online gambling casinos.

– Most of our customers find it easy to use Online Casinos Accepting USA Players as it is as much simple, effective and useful as it could be providing every sort of service you are looking for.

– Live chat option provided by Online Casinos Accepting USA Players makes our customers satisfied, moreover, our customer support team is also nice.

– Online Casinos Accepting USA Players is powered with RTG technology providing our online casino compatible with every operating system; either it could be Windows or MAC. Now it’s no more an issue.

– In Online Casinos Accepting USA Players slots tournaments are held on regular basis providing our players from all over the world especially USA an opportunity to invest their money and get a chance to meet their desires.

– Online Casinos Accepting USA Players offers tournaments, free rolls and buy-ins at much lower rates as compared to other online gambling websites.

– Players around a globe who want to get entertained and are in a search for a website that can make all their desires and demands fulfilled are invited to Online Casinos Accepting USA Players.

Best US Online Casinos Are Very Convenient

Best US Online Casinos are those that offer the best of gaming options and deals.

Best US Online Casinos can be played easily on the internet at the convenience of home.

Best US Online Casinos are completely safe and secure for the online casino players.

Best US Online Casinos can both be downloaded from the internet or can be played right on the site.

Best US Online Casinos offer a wide choice of games to the players which are designed in a way to suit individual preferences and tastes.

Best US Online Casinos include some popular games like baccarat, roulette, bingo, blackjack, online slots, and many more.

Best US Online Casinos gives the feeling of virtual Las Vegas casinos to the online players.

Best US Online Casinos are equipped with all the necessary facilities to guide the players with any of their queries related to the games.

Best US Online Casinos are very popular as they provide great deals, high bonuses, and a superb deposit option.

Best US Online Casinos also have some of the best quality free games.

Best US Online Casinos also has great withdrawal systems, which are highly trustworthy.

Best US Online Casinos are the ones that apart from having top ranks are also legal and approved.

Best US Online Casinos is very beneficial for the online players as they get a variety of payment modes and options.

Best US Online Casinos escalates the interest further through various kinds of colorful graphic displays and sounds.

Best US Online Casinos save a lot of time and money which is required when one has to go physically to a casino.

Best US Online Casinos accepts all kinds of credit cards making it a hassle-free affair for the players.

Best US Online Casinos has plenty of security measures to protect any loss, wrong use or any kind of alteration of the information provided by the player.

Best US Online Casinos offer some of the best bonuses when a player signs up.

Best US Online Casinos also make time to time promotions of their websites to keep them at par with the latest trends in the world of online gaming.

Best US Online Casinos are all geared up to provide a faster transfer of the winning amount to the player.

Best US Online Casinos confirm to the highest standards and are audited independently by esteemed firms.

Best US Online Casinos make their sites too welcoming and alluring to the wide range of online players.

Best US Online Casinos provide their players the opportunity to chat with other online casino players from various corners to gather more information for a better deal.

Best US Online Casinos have only the best of software support to make it a great experience for the players so that anything received or sent is protected from the hands of the hackers.

Best US Online Casinos are completely free from scams.

Best US Online Casinos always have time to time reviews so that a player can read a review first before making a choice.

Best US Online Casinos are all structured to provide the highest level of fun and entertainment to the players.

There are few Best Online Casinos For US Players that can give great gambling experience to a gambler:

– .When you register with these Best Online Casinos For US Players you may get a token amount for your initial gaming.

– . You can find so many Best Online Casinos for US Players that are dedicated only for US player.

– . All the Best Online Casinos For US Players follow all the guidelines that any online casino of USA require and these guidelines make sure that no player experience any kind of cheating or forgery.

– . If few online casinos are Best Online Casinos for US Players that does not mean that a non US resident cannot play in these online casinos.

– . The good thing about Best Online Casinos for US Players is that it is designed to protect the resident of USA from other players and if players of two different country are playing in a game and if website have to give a benefit of doubt due to any circumstances, website will give that benefit to US player.

– .When you register with Best Online Casinos for US Players you get a liberty to play almost any casino game that you want and no one will ever ask you for not to play in any game.

– .Like all other online casinos, Online Casinos for US Players also want to make sure that all the player or registrants are legally adult for gambling.

– . At the time of registration Best Online Casinos for US Players may ask you to submit your proof of age, if they ask you this you will have to provide this information to them else you won’t be able to get registered on this website.

– . If you think Best Online Casinos for US Players are best only for USA players than you are wrong because these casino welcome other players as well with open heart.

– .If you register with Best Online Casinos for US Players make sure you read all the terms and condition before plying, it will make sure you are not breaking any law.

– . The good thing about Best Online Casinos for US Players is that it gives a dedicated platform to US players in which they can play with other US players or they can play with system.

US Online Casinos

– .Like all other online casino system Best Online Casinos for US Players also use a real time gaming software that does all the calculation and gaming matrix with advanced calculation and in this entire procedure human intervention is not allowed.

– . Since Best Online Casinos for US Players use a method that is very difficult to infringe, so you can trust on these online casinos for authenticity and reliability.

– . If you don’t know what are the special benefits that a US player can get after registering with Best Online Casinos for US Player then it is a good idea to read the frequently asked question that online casinos have on theirs


When you register with Best Online Casinos for US Players make sure you give all the information candidly at the time registration.