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Play the blackjack internet game for free here at 888, world’s most trusted internet casino. Play blackjack for money on the Internet. Blackjack as everyone knows. The goal of the game is to the bank (dealer) to beat. One should try closer to 21 rather than the other bank. If the player is 21 points above the suits he has lost, regardless of the bank. Picture cards (Jack, Queen, King) are worth 10 points. The cards 2 to 10 have the value they specify. The ace is worth either 1 or 11 points (which determines the value closest approach 21 but not over them). If the dealer as much as the players it is a push (tie). Another variation on blackjack is the blackjack internet game for free. Trente et Quarante is a game of cards, which is often found in French casinos. The game is played with sticks at least two playing cards (2 x 52 = 104) and an insert panel with four compartments. It can also be played over two sticks, usually 4 or 6 poles, like Blackjack and BaccaratContents1 The game
2 announce the croupier

Noir: The first row, called Noir wins.

Rouge: The second row, called Rouge gain.

Couleur: The first card of the winning row of the same color.

Inverse: The first card of the winning row of the opposite color. Once the bets are placed, the dealer draws the cards. Each card has the value of his eyes, the ace has a point, two two, etc. Jack, queen and king are ten points. Now the dealer draws the cards for the first row, the row Noir and he draws as many cards until he exceeds 30. Then he announces the number in French, that the row over thirty true. So at 38, huit geannonceerd. The maximum is 40, minimum 31 (prime minister). Now the same dealer for the second row, the row Rouge. Then comes the reckoning. The lowest number wins. If the first row is less ended, winning bets on the Noir and Noir are paid 1 to 1, the losing bets Rouge. If the second row down has ended, winning bets on the Rouge and Rouge are paid 1 to 1, the losing bets Noir. If the first card of the winning row the same color as the name of the row (the row Noir wins and the first map of that row is actually black), and winning bets on Couleur Couleur be paid 1 to 1 and the bets Inverse losses. Is the first card of the winning row of the opposite color, you win bets on Inverse and Inverse are paid 1 to 1, all bets on Couleur losses. Then both lines are equal, nothing is paid and allows the players free to remove their bets, to stand, raise or move (also Couleur and Inverse remain). This does not happen if both finish on 31 rows, then all bets disappear and prison, which means that, like the French roulette coup next decide whether the players lose their bets, or no profit in return. In this final rule, égalité the Trent-et-un is the benefit of the bank. It’s always fun to play blackjack internet game for free or for money, because you yourself own particular risks and opportunities.

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