Baccarat Terms

Although Baccarat is a complicated game with strict rules, the terminology used in the game is quite simple. These terms will help you to pass any Baccarat game online or in the land based baccarat tables.

Baccarat – A name for the worst hand one can have in Baccarat, a total of zero.
Banker/Player Bet – Betting on the dealer/player.
Baccarat en Banque – A Baccarat Variation.
“Banco!” – Said when a player decides to bet his entire money. Also means bank.
Carte – Used to request a card from the dealer.
Coup – A round of Baccarat.
Croupier – The dealer.
Chemin-de-fer – A Baccarat variation.
Cheval – A term to describe when a player splits his card into to decks. In order to win the pot both deck must win the dealer, if only one wins then it’s a tie.
Face Cards – J-K of any suit.
House Edge – A term for the casinos’ advantage over the player.
Ladderman – An employee of the casino, who oversees the Baccarat table.
Le Grande – The best hand in Baccarat.
Loss bet/Fade – A bet in opposition to the bank.
Mini-baccarat – A variation of Baccarat in which a smaller table than usual is used.
Muck ? Eight card decks used in Baccarat, 416 cards in total.
Natural – When the two cards total to 8 or 9.
Palette – A tool used to move cards on the table. Usually made of wood.
Petite – When the cards total is 8.
Railroad – Another Baccarat variation.
Shills – A young lady, who works for the casino, used to lure players to the Baccarat table.
Shooter – Another nick for the bank.
Standoff – When the banker and the player have a tie.
Super Pan Nine – A variation of Baccarat.
Tie Bet – To bet on a tie between the player and the dealer.

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