2017 Online Casinos For US Players


Which Are Some Of The 2017 Online Casinos For US Players?

There are many online casinos that gamblers and players from the US can play for 2017. Many US online casinos use the skins approach whereby one casino has a network of other casinos that usually use the same platform. The Best Online Casinos in 2017 for US players will include1. The Bovada Casino.This casino gives players the option of playing in the largest US poker site in the year 2017. They allow betting at one of the largest sport book as well as gambling at the largest online casino. The casino allows you to play with one account and so saves you a lot of money on deposit fees since you can use that one Bovada account to play in the various services.2. Planet7 Casino.This is a no deposit casino, and it also provides for cash bonuses for playing. These are free money offered to players to entice them to play online. This attracts players since they have a chance to play for real money without having to risk some of their money.3. Golden Lion Casino.

Golden Lion is also one of the best many online casinos for 2017 for US players. It is ranked second in the US since it is very popular among many players. Some of the services, and attractions offered will include free weekly bonus for slots selections which range from 4,000 dollars. The casino uses very popular system software called Real Time Gaming. Some games played in this casino will include Blackjack, slots, poker among many others. They have excellent customer service, and winnings are paid out very regularly and in large sums.4. Slots of Vegas Online casino.This casino uses the real time gaming platform. It is also very popular since it offers free deposit bonus and free chips. It pays out its winnings regularly and the gaming platform uses clear and crisp graphics with good sound effects. Some of the games offered include Roulette, Baccarat, Caribbean Stud Poker, and Video Poker among many others.

There customer service representatives are easily reachable round the clock via its online chat live, telephone or email.5. Las Vegas Casino.This is one of the few new online casino that utilizes the real time gaming platform. The main advantage of this casino is that it does not charge for withdrawals of your winnings, and this makes it very popular and a favorite to many players. Customer service is available seven days a week and round the clock via instant messages, email and toll free telephone for players from the US. This casino also offers other casino games on the side.6. Downtown Bingo.This is a new online casino, and it is same as any other live casino. The casino has a 5 dollar no deposit bonus, and they will match you deposit to up to 500% and additionally they have no play through requirements. The pay outs are faster too. This casino offers some other casino games apart from the usual games such as poker, Baccarat, Roulette and slots among others.

New US Online Casinos

How Do You Play A Switch In Time Slot Game At New US Online Casinos?

Among the numerous New US Online Casinos, one of the most interesting slot games is the switch in time slot game. It is one of the few slot games that you can make a lot of cash with by betting on real cash or simply use it as a mode of entertainment by betting on virtual money. A good number of people also use such demo accounts with virtual money during their learning process or when they are having their first experience on any of the online casino game which they had not played again earlier. After understanding the new game, they can comfortably get into real betting by playing the this fantastic casino with only a little deposit in your account.

How Do You Start Up Switch In Time Slot Game At New US Online Casinos?

In order to play Switch in Time Slot Game at New US Online Casinos, you need first to download software that will support the game and allow its manipulation. This software is available online and it is free of charge. After this you will be required to open a real account which will have your details and at which the winning amount will be deposited. After opening your account it will be necessary to make a deposit that will be used as a betting amount since sometime you may lose the game hence the amount charged for the game will be obtained from your account. One of the most exciting feature of this online casino game is that it has a background music that starts up when the game is started to welcome and entertain the player.

What Are The Main Features Of Switch In Time Slot Game From New US Online Casinos?

A switch in time slot game is a slot game with five reels game and 20 pay-lines. When playing, these pay lines will and reel gives a platform through which the winnings are distributed. For this particular online casino game, the highest wins are acquired when the age tags on the pay lines match the age on the dinosaur symbol.

Is There Any Special Feature Associated With Switch In Time Slot Game Among The New US Online Casinos?

There are a number of features which makes Switch in Time Slot game unique among other New Us Online Casinos. Some of the special features in this game are unique rounds which are 3 in number and the rounds happen to have different casings together with bonus rounds and sometimes a pay-table.

What Are The Free Spins And Bonus Round Ranges When Playing Switch In Time Slot Game At New US Online Casinos?

Switch in Time Slot Game from New US Online Casinos can have up to 78 free spin and the maximum bonus one can obtain ranges between 0.1 to 10 coins denominations for each pay-line and this depend with the maximum pay-line you select and thus the maximum amount you can earn for a single game is 5220 dollars but this vary with the number of pay lines that you have selected. Selecting a high number of pay lines increases the chances of getting the highest cash reward, although on the other hand it raises the risk significantly.

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How Safe Is Your Personal Information When Playing An Online Casino USA? Do One Needs A Credit Card To Play Real Money In An Online Casino USA?

No, playing for real money in an online casino USA is not necessary. Though credit cards are preferred for the sake of quick deposits and withdrawals at most of the online casinos, numerous other ways to transfer money have popped up over the last decade. These include e-wallets and other electronic payment processors like Skrill, Neteller, e-checks and many more. In addition, prepaid debit cards by Master Card and Visa are accepted by a good number of the gaming sites. You can check the “Banking” or “Deposits and Withdrawals” pages on casino websites to find out more.

What Is The Actual Difference Between An Online Casino USA’s Account Balance And A Withdrawable Balance

Your Account Balance is the amount of money available in the account to bet with at the time of betting on an online casino USA. “Withdrawable Balance” on the other hand, refers to the amount of money available to withdraw at any given time. The withdrawable balance automatically deducts the unavailable funds, such as pending withdrawals and un-cleared bonuses.

How Do You Ensure That Online Casino USA Outcomes Are Randomized?

Most of the legitimate online casino USA games, including online bingo, online roulette, or slots utilize the RNG to ensure online casino players do get fair and realistic results. RNGs are mathematical algorithms that re-create digital random results which are similar to the odds of offline betting results. Most of these Random Number Generators are in fact randomly reviewed and audited by highly independent, and legitimate third-party auditors, such as Deloitte, Price Waterhouse Coopers, or Ernst & Young who ensure that all players are provided with fair odds.

Are There Any Online Casino USA for Macs?

Of course, there are numerous online casino USA for Macs. Mac players will have to use the No-download feature to play on a US casino. Today, there are no online casinos offering a native Mac client, rather they all rely on the instant play versions of their sites. The only drawback to this approach is that the Mac casino does not have the same game selection as the PC version. However, players are still provided with plenty of slots and casino games to choose from, but they won’t have the huge selection that Windows users do receive. Apart from that, there are no other significant differences between the two game versions.

How Are Deposits In An Online Casino USA Made?

Making a cash deposit to any online casino USA account is pretty simple. Once players have selected an online casino that will meet their gaming needs, they will be able to find a long list of the available payment methods. These can include credit and debit cards, bank transfers, prepaid cards and electronic payment services. US players will only be able to use the electronic payments and prepaid cards, while the other payment methods are available only to international players. Players can then add funds to their casino accounts using the electronic payment method or they can purchase a prepaid card with cash, after which the cash in these new accounts can then be deposited to the online casino for the access of real money games.