US Casinos Online

Does US Casinos Online Have Sports Betting?

Yes, there are a few US Casinos Online that have sports betting. This is much different then playing at the slot machines, or playing poker and blackjack. Sports betting is when a individual places a bet on their favorite sporting events, like NHL,and college football. Not all US casinos will offer this, but because it is a very popular form of gambling and more casinos have started offering sports betting; which is not only fun and exciting, but perfectly legal as well.

What Types Of Games Do US Casinos Online Have?

US Casinos Online offer only the very best in online gambling. Slot machines are the most popular game to play at an online casino, because they are extremely fun, simple and enjoyable. Many slot games have their own themes and some offer progressive jackpots. Table games such as blackjack and Poker are available as well. Roulette and scratch tickets are two incredibly popular and lucrative games for people to play at US Casinos Online. Many even have their own specialty games, which are unique to each casino.

Can International Players Join US Casinos Online?

While most US Casinos online do accept international players, there are a few that cannot do so. This is because gambling laws vary a great deal from country to country. For example, people have to be over the age of eighteen to play at a US casino online; where other counties’ legal gambling age may be different. In order to allow Americans to gamble, internet casinos are governed by the gambling laws of the USA. This is to protect their players and to make sure that the casinos themselves do not end up facing legal trouble. The one way to determine what casinos allow international players is to read through their terms and conditions.

Why Don’t US Online Casinos Accept e-Wallets?

While e-Wallets are a very convenient way in which an international player can withdraw and deposit money, US online casinos cannot accept that method for many reasons. Americans are much more likely to have a major credit card or a checking account than an e-Wallet account. Many e-Wallet companies do not permit Americans to sign up for their service, so it would not make any sense for a US online casino to use e-Wallets when there are many other payment options available. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are the most popular and easy to use deposit and withdraw methods, because when an individual makes a withdrawal or deposit, the transactions are instantaneous.

Do US Online Casinos Have To Be Downloaded?

While the majority of US online casinos have software that must be downloaded before a person can create an account and play, not all of them have to be downloaded. There are some US online casinos that allow people to preview their games in a person’s browser, that way they know what to expect before they start the download. However, there are a few US online casinos that permit people to create an account and play a few games in a browser window without having to make an account. While browser play is more restricted than if a person downloaded the software, most casinos understand that not everyone has a high-speed internet connection, but they still may want to play a few games.

Online Casinos For Real Money

Some people may opt to play online casinos for fun while others may opt to play them for real money. Many US online casinos offers the two options of play and you select depending on what intrigues you most. Read on below so as to vividly see the various types of USA online casinos where real money is involved while playing. They give the best bonuses alongside promotions for the best players.

The Supernova Casino

The Supernova casino offers awesome bonuses and all the USA players are welcome to deposit at Supernova. What makes this casino more unique is the flexibility of its software not to mention the daily bonuses. Supernova is renowned for their good customer care and great success when it comes to credit cards.

Golden Lion Online Casino

This is another online casino where real money gambling is carried. It is daily gaining popularity because of the high approval rate of any kind of credit cards. It offers a 200% match bonus on the first two deposits. They also have easier online casino bonus in which you need 25 time roll-over for you to get them. Above all, it has a mobile fashion and flash of their software.

Jackpot Grand Online Casino

This is a new casino which operates on the real time gaming software. Apart from playing real money, Jackpot Grand has excellent customer care services you would not believe. It is an online US casino which accepts US players with great honor especially by accepting any type of credit card offered. This casino keeps pace with technology and it is fast increasing popularity in the market because of the 400% match slots bonuses and an awesome 200% match bonus for the table games.

Jupiter Club USA Online Casino

This is the casino where all the USA players are highly respected and welcomed to come and play for real money. Their deposits are also considered highly valuable. The players take advantage of the generosity of the Jupiter Club by going out with enormous bonuses. Moreover, this is a well-known casino for its friendliness to their clients with a 24/7 customer service system featured by a toll-free telephone.

Lucky Red USA Online Casino

If you want to play for real cash, then, Lucky Red casino is the place to go for any USA player. This casino has set a milestone among other real money casinos by accepting and quick approval of credit cards. This is an awesome casino where you can be able to claim your huge sign up bonus plus the free money soon after depositing.

Golden Lion USA Online Casino

This casino welcomes all the US players with a 400% match plus a $4000 bonus. Just as the above other real money casinos, they have virtues of safety, legality and ease of approving the various kinds of credit cards.

The above are just a few of the numerous USA online casinos which deal with real money gambling. Some of the universal features of these casinos include the huge welcome bonus; they have excellent games and a variety of them, plenty of juicy promotions, excellent depositing methods plus regular jackpots.