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Do You Know The History Of Online Casinos USA? When Online Casinos USA History Commences?

Live Online Casino USA history starts from the mid-1990s. To be very precise, the first online casino that went live over the internet was on 18th August 1995. The name of the first ever online casino in the whole internet history was Internet Casinos Inc. or ICI. At first it offered eighteen different gambling games. In the early phases of online casino history ICI operated from Caicos and Turks Islands. The out-of-US operation of Internet Casinos Inc was mainly due to the fear of government prosecution in America.

Online Casino History – Evolution Chronology

Online casino gambling has evolved through a period of one decade and consequently became a success story.

Is the path of Online Casinos USA Evolution Absolutely Smooth and Without Hiccups?

Have a look at the chronology of online casino usa history to get the entire picture:

1994 – The Online Casino History Starts

Licensing –

Antigua-Barbuda government had passed a new Act in the year 1994. This Act is called The Free Trade and Processing Zone Act, 1994. Several online casinos along with many sports book have the license of this legislation. This licensing jurisdiction is one of the most popular ones in the online casino industry.

Microgaming Founded –

Microgaming is considered as the first and at the same time largest provider of software of online casino gambling industry.

Online Casino Chronology Continues

1995 – The year of Cryptologic

Another renowned online casino software development company, Cryptologic, was launched in this year. The main goal of the software developed by Cryptologic facilitates the online transactions of money.

1996 – The Year when the First Online Casino Was Launched

The parent company of Boss Media, Boss Specialtidningar AB, had started its development work on the system for online casino operations.

Microgaming sold off all its operation on online casino and concentrated on the development of online casino technologies.

Cryptologic had begun the development of eCash, along with the gaming application.

InterCasino, the first online casino accepting real money (as claimed), was launched in the month of October, 1996.

1997 – System Development Transfer

System development works of Boss Casinos was transferred in the year 1997 to Boss Media AB.

Online Casino Chronology – Just Before Millenium

1998 – Some Major Developments and Reports on Online Gambling

Microgaming, a renowned name in the online casino industry and also the first internet casino to launch Progressive Jackpot Slot, launched Cash Splash in this year.

Internet Gambling Prohibition Act was introduced in the year 1998 by the main opponent of online casino gambling in the US Congress, Senator Jon Kyl. This act tried to pronounce any company offering online gambling services to any American citizen would be considered as illegal. But this bill failed to get passed.

A report published by Frost and Sullivan said that industry of online casino gambling had generated a total revenue of US$ 834.5 million.

Boss Media had never broke license agreement with any external customer ever. But this year they did a license agreement with one such external customer.

1999 – Revised Act, PWC & Microgaming and More on Online Casino Gambling

A revised version of the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act was introduced by Senator Jon Kyl. This revised version of the bill was also voted down by the then US Congress.

Microgaming had struck a deal with financial accounting giant Price Waterhouse Coopers to prepare a report as well review on the payout percentages of online casinos.

Lasseters went online. This casino is the first ever government-licensed online casino of Australia.

Christian Capital Advisors had estimated in the month of September 1999 that around 700 casinos are taking money bets online.

Boss Media released its new software platform for gambling having multiplayer functionality. This facility allowed many players to play the same online casino gambling game at the same time and also chat with one another at virtual gambling tables.

Whats about the Online Casinos USA Early 2 Years of New Millenium ?

Here is a short overview of Online Casinos USA Early 2 Years of New Millenium-

2000 – Interactive Gambling Moratorium Act, Internet Gambling Prohibition Act, UK License & Cryptology

Interactive Gambling Moratorium Act was passed by the federal government of Australia. This Act makes the operation of new online casinos (based in Australia) along with the sports book firms, which were operational as well as licensed before May 2000, illegal. After the implementation of this act it was found out that there is only one Australia-based online casino which was able to operate even after the Act is implemented and the name of that online casino is Lasseters Online.

A newly formulated Internet Gambling Prohibition Act was introduced to the U.S. House of Representatives by the Representative, Bob Goodlatte. But it failed to gather 2/3rd majority vote for passing the Act.

Annual report published by Cryptologic showed that 680,000 number of customers had already used their electronic payment system, for online gambling, since the start of their operation in the year 1996.

Online sports gambling licenses were offered by Isle of Man and Gibraltar, sovereign territories of UK.

Cryptologic gets listed in one of the most reputed stock exchanges of the world, NASDAQ, with the symbol CRYP.

2001 –

In the month of March 2001, a survey was published in a renowned news distribution website called PRNewswire. According to this, the total number of online gamblers playing with their real money had touched a eye-popping number of 8 million.

A bill was passed by the Nevada legislature that allowed online casinos to operate from anywhere outside Nevada.

An online player won a staggering amount of US$ 414,119 in a slot game called Sands, at a Caribbean online casino.

The Gambling Review Report was released in United Kingdom, which encouraged online gambling. Thus, Britain became one of the very few OECD countries that allowed online gambling.

What’s The First Site Of Online Casinos USA ?

In Live Online Casino USA History – The Other Two sites who claim that they were the first online casino. The names of these sites are:

The Gaming Club

Intertops Casino and Sports Book

Services offered by them were of high quality. These included:

High Security and safety

Efficient customer care and round the clock service

Reliable payout

What’s the Significant Phase in Live Online Casino USA History ?

Interactive Gaming & Communications Corporation was the next in the pipeline to introduce online casino usa. They were the first in the online casino history to introduce toll free telephonic facility to gamblers. This company got listed on the renowned stock exchange, NASDAQ.

Setback to American Gamblers-Whats The Law Of Live Online Casino USA?

A draconian Live Online Casino USA law was passed in the US Senate regarding the online transactions of casinos played over the internet. The law is known as UIGEA or Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. According to this act, the American gamblers were not permitted to transact money over the internet regarding their online gambling. Consequences were evident. Many online casinos stopped accepting American gamblers.