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Winning Formula at US Online Casinos

Getting relevant information about the online gambling society is a very important step especially when you are just starting out. US online casinos offer a wide range of options in terms of the games featured, the software utilized, types of membership and benefits, and conditions for registration. With a click of the mouse, one is able to get numerous casinos and browsing through them all might be quite a daunting task.

First you have to understand the most popular US online casinos games that are on offer. Technology has made it possible to customize several of the games that are usually offered in physical locations. This makes participants to feel the same ambiance and aura of the casino hall. If one is well versed with the poker games, the internet games are no different. It is only that you do not see the other players face to face. Some websites contain as many as 4000 different types of games. Some of the most popular games include the following Baccarat, High Limit Slot, Blackjack, Keno, Roulette, Craps, Video poker and slots. For you to win, the following should be taken into consideration:

Learn the rules of the US online casinos game

Each of these games has its own set of rules. The rules define the number of bettors that are allowed to participate, the amount of money put in for betting and time. One is free to choose the type of game they want to get involved in. You must understand how the game is played in order to be accepted. You should understand that you can be disqualified if you break any rule of the game. Such include knowledge of the acceptable language for communication purposes, respect for all participants, respect for staff offering support services, playing within the stipulated speed rates to avoid dragging the game and avoiding any situation that may show you are acting with another player to steal a game.

Be conversant with casino software applications

There are a lot of companies that offer their software on behalf of various US online casinos for the purposes of betting. Make sure you read the necessary guides concerning the software in question so that you can avoid costly mistakes. Knowing how to play a game is not enough on its own. Although most of the technology used is not complicated, in gambling a single mistake can cost you a lot of money.


Being a pro in a game is not an automated qualification. It calls for a lot of practice and discipline to ensure that you understand every facet of the game chosen. Make sure you enjoy the game you choose. As much as risking challenges might seem attractive to you, you can only be good in particular areas. You can asses yourself by taking part in free games offered by the online casinos in exchange for free credits.

Do not play when you are under pressure

Some people are driven into gambling due to financial pressures. This is a bad motivation and it only impacts the outcome negatively. If you have debts and you think going into online betting might bring you a miracle, you are wrong. Your mind is already weighed down and you cannot make sober decisions.

Take advantage of bonuses

As US online casinos compete to get the attention of new customers while retaining the older ones, they are always rolling out new goodies. One of the most interesting gifts that are gaining ground every day is the no deposit bonus that is normally given for free plays. Some of the US online casinos frequently offer bonuses to their loyal customers. The more you frequent a particular online casino, the more your points become.

Do not ignore such incentives just because they seem minute. Every gambler aims to win every cent available and even though you start small, it is possible to have your biggest break by sticking onto a particular facility. It is wise to spread your wings so that you are recognized in different platforms by several casinos. The aggregated earnings can give you an edge when applying to participate in more challenging games.

You should also be wise when deciding on what to do with the bonuses so that you reap maximum benefits. Never make the mistake of waging all the earnings with a single bet. It is prudent to spread it since you never know when your chance of striking the jackpot will come. Such a strategy also makes the game continue for a very long time while challenging each player involved. That is the fun of the game.

Also rushing to make wagers on a bonus you do not fully understand sounds self defeating. Read through the privileges accorded to winners and fully comprehend what you can be allowed to do with the bonus. You may end up losing the only chance you had to make a significant impact in any of your preferred US online casinos.

If you get a bonus yet your country is not listed under those that can pick such gratuity, speak to the customer support team and find out more information about the next step.

Consider the percentage offered on payouts

Gambling is only for one major purpose, to win money. Different types of games have particular percentages in case of a winning. Always go for a game that suits you in terms of the amount of money you put in compared to the expecte3d winnings. If the percentage paid to the casino is disagreeable to you when compared to what you have won, there is no reason to force yourself into the game. It is your money; it is your time and your brains that are doing the work. So do not be afraid to choose when you have to.

Take advantage of promotions

US Online casinos usually run promotions to encourage participation by willing gamers. One of the major characteristics of a risk taker is to take advantage of any available avenue to maximize returns. During such promotions, you will find out that the amount you have to deposit for particular high level games has been lowered yet the amount to be won is raised. This is a game of wisdom combined with luck. Take the risk during such a time and do not be surprised when you come out all smiles. Most promotions normally run for a few weeks. Take advantage of the early games when gamers are few. This increases your probability of winning on your wagers.

Sometimes, the online casino can decide to give huge bonuses to several players who are outstanding during the particular promotion. Some rewards range from $ 2000 upwards to a given number of players, normally the top five.

Choose non complicated but more rewarding games

With the wide array of game types, carefully choose a game you understand better. It should be simple but with rewarding returns. There are some notable slot games that offer up to a million dollars yet they are not hard to play around even if you are just starting out in gambling. Slot games are different from poker because they depend more on luck than on mind prowess.

The design should be simple and should clearly display the marks that show every player winnings. Such games should not be pegged on a very huge amount of wagers. You should only start with what you can comfortably afford and lose without any destructive frustrations. However if you feel that you can go with the maximum amount of bet, do not hold back.

Hold back if you are a beginner

Nobody will crucify you for holding back if you are a new entrant in the world of gambling. The experienced players will want to make you look weak for not placing any more wagers while you have the financial ability. Do not be fooled by their wily ways. You have to take time to learn. Winning in casinos is not only hitting the jackpot but being able to safeguard what you have. Like any other investment, you should expect convincing returns. If at first you do not see any significant profits coming your way, do not throw in more wagers. Instead, look for more knowledge on strategy. Learn from the pros and come back a more refined player.

Play regularly

The more you play a game, the better you become. That is why it is prudent to play at any of the US online casinos regularly. That is why it is advisable to spend less if you are just starting out and you are not used to the pain of losing. Remember that out of the 13 players who are playing you online, only one will come out victorious. The rest will go home moaning in frustration. Amateurs can be more affected than experienced players because their ability to be resilient in a losing environment is different. Try out different games select the ones you are agile in. Practice them a lot either free or by placing low wagers.

Read gambling books and articles

Learn what experts have written about their winning strategies in specific games. Find out what made all the difference for them to come out on top. The more you understand the game, the more your skill in decision making becomes. Learn how to make quick decisions when in a dilemma. Read about how to turn around games that might not be going your way. Simply become familiar with the game and let it be part of you.

Hang out with the experienced casino gamers

There is a lot that you can learn by just sitting beside an experienced player and following each of their move. This requires keenness on your part because in such situations, it may not be a good idea to ask questions. Doing so might distract him and at the end he will not be happy blaming you for the loss. You can also play him on adjacent computers for free games and get relevant tips when necessary. Also, you can even decide to wager on each other after several sessions and see if you have gotten the gist of winning.

Inculcate the attitude of winners

Gamblers have a way of scaring their competitors into making mistakes. In physical situations, the player might make you look stupid or stuck. In an online platform, the chat window might be your biggest friend or your worst enemy. If you do not want to chat, simply do not reply to any messages that might be sent your way. Experienced people avoid chats at all costs even if they sense they are on the verge of winning the game. They remain focused to the task and avoid all sorts of distractions.

Choose a casino with friendly payment options

Since your winnings are what you make them, it is important not to lose a huge amount paying for other liabilities. The casino should be able to provide a cushion for the gamers so that they do not end up spending a huge percentage of your earnings on fees that was not planned for. Apart from the authorities, some payment options are quite expensive. The amount of money charged on any winnings should be reasonable enough.

This becomes more complicated if the casino you played in is abroad. You have to find out for yourself basic information on what you are bound to gain or lose because of your location. Some casinos might be adamant to release your winnings because the charges for sending supersede the amount you won.

These tips are relevant especially to those people who are new to the US online casinos scenario. You will discover as time goes by that there are specific strategies that people use to win. The best way to learn however is by your active involvement in games. When you have gained confidence that you can wager on higher stakes, simply go for it. It is a time to learn to take bigger risks and it will provide an opportunity to feel the pinch of losing a substantial amount. That way you will learn never to lose any given game.


It is without say that good sites for USA online casinos attract many casino players; but the site that is known to offer secure game-play and specifically catering to any USA player stands unchallenged. Online sites that offer a fast 24 hour customer care service daily, have means that guarantee deposits are secure and have options for cashing out are the sites to go for.

Before deciding on which gambling site to settle on, it is important to thoroughly examine which of the site offers the best welcome bonus after you sign up. It is also important to cross check among the online casinos the one that gives you a wider scope of highly rated top internet games for you to enjoy. A site with interesting online games which also are not squeezed to a limited number is the best site to go for. Another consideration that will help you when deciding on which site to settle on is their mode of operation offered when in need of customer support services. The site with the fastest response to needs from their customers is the best site to gamble from. Loyalty is often repaid by promotions and jackpots the site with regular promotions for their customers brings out the impression that they value and appreciate your custom.

Even though online gambling is not an American lottery, there are chances of winning jackpots that are life changing. You can win life changing sums of money all depends on your gambling ability. For you to win such huge stacks of cash the site then has to show high levels of security especially to personal data and more to your financial data. Most of the online casinos have good methods that will enable you to deposit your money and withdrawals of the cash that you will win.

Before sampling top 5 USA online casinos, a glimpse to most of the frequently asked questions about them will not break a bone but improve your understanding. Most of the people tend to first know the legality of the casinos. UIGEA is the American law that cements their legality as it deals with how the institutions that offer gambling games can accept pay-out funds to players from the US.AS this provides the legality back up, it is important to know that online gambling by itself is also not illegal but remember to have the laws of your local state at your fingertip or in the back of your memory so as not to run into trouble while making money when enjoying the online gambling games.

It is to be noted that for some online casinos, players who are not from the USA are not accepted. This could either be that maybe the jurisdiction in other countries does not allow online gambling or since the casinos have their operations centers such as call centers in states like California, New York but just to mention a few, hence not applicable for people situated in distanced countries in the world. Instances of worry when it comes to matters concerning auditing of the online casinos ought not to be a bother or a problem to you as most of them hold fast to standards that are of high level and are audited independently by firms rich in expertise and which are reputable.

Most of the casinos operated are maintained following the high standards set in the gaming jurisdiction. This auditing then leaves a casino a clean business to be operated and most of the online casinos in the USA have a payout percentage that falls in regions close to 98%. The percentages are verified independently giving figures that outline the rate of return as being average either for a particular game or for the whole website in general.

Most of the online casinos allow its players to make deposits and withdraw from them. This is enabled by various payment methods which include credit cards or through the use of the e-wallets that offer payments which are done quicker and are often not complicated in procedure. With all this considerations and the desire to play, it is important to know that you do not have to download any software so that you can get to enjoy online gambling. Many games such as video poker, slots, craps among others and also other table-games can be played directly from the browser. It is recommended to download the software so as to have the clear graphics. The software which is in most cases created by professionals like Top Game, Real Time Gaming among others is easy to download and install.

The USA online casinos offer free plays which are made to make you get to learn the rules of the game. The practice is used to enhance perfection before you start placing your own money and betting in opposition to the casino house. Once you have decided to start playing, you will be accredited with the welcome bonus which cannot be withdrawn immediately. For you to be able to withdraw you will have to gamble the money sometimes not only once. To your advantage, most of the casinos in the USA have payouts percentages which in most cases are over 90% and when you get to hit the jackpot while wagering, there will be plenty of money left for you.

Just like in LA, Las Vegas casinos, the online casinos also have various loyalty programs which come in different levels scaled to your bet hence ensuring even the low stake players to get to enjoy impressive bonuses. The top online casinos below offer an array rich of fun. Though varying in welcome bonuses, variety of games, deposit options, customer care, good odds, juicy jackpots and software used, most of them are reliable.

Golden Lion is the top online casino known to allow us players. The popular casino that approves credit card deposits was established in the year 2009 and Curacao licensed. With an easier online casino bonus to earn that requires only 25Xs rollover, Golden Lion is known to offer a match bonus of 200% on the first two deposits you make. The casino offers a 300% slot match bonus after you get to sign up. The Real time casino software using Golden Lion offers a flash version as well as a download version of the software. This superb online casino accepts deposits that are made either by American Express, MasterCard and visa and is known not to disappoint when it comes to approving the cards.

With a 5 business day wait after requesting for a wire transfer withdraw, the casino offers a minimum withdrawal of $100.It is known to offer withdrawals by wire transfer for USA withdraws. The casino offers a an outstanding customer care service where complaints or need for assistance can be lodged through email, telephone or even live chat. Golden Lion offers secure and reliable gambling experience, professional customer service and regular promotional bonuses!!

The other impressive casino among the USA online casinos is the Grand Parker casino which was founded in the year 2011.The Millor Group owned casino is licensed in Curacao and also uses the reliable Real Time Gaming software. The casino has its deposits limited to credit cards hence have their approvals done faster for the USA players. It is noted that visa deposits unlike the MasterCard deposits are extremely successful. Withdrawals from the casino account are offered through wire transfer which are sent directly to your personal bank account and take around 10 business days patience. Bonus offered by the online casino for first deposits are great as they offer a 250% match bonus for slots and this also applies to the second deposit.

They also 300% match bonus for the third deposit and for those preferring table games get to receive 125% match bonus for the first four deposits they make. The site also offers promotions for their loyal customers and this all starts after gambling one of the lowest roll over bonus amount of 30X’s for table games before you get to withdraw. When need arises for help, you can reach their customer service staff either through live chat, email or even telephone .Their professional operator can be accessed at all times.

If you are conversant to the existing USA online casinos then Desert Nights casino is not a new thing to you. The Deck Media owned casino was established in the year 2010 but has been in operation since 2007.The casino is also licensed in Curacao and uses the Real Time Gaming software. American Express, MasterCard and visa deposits are acceptable in the casino. This has enabled it to advance to greater heights when it comes to approving deposits made from the credit cards. With great rates of acceptance within the USA online casinos’ platform, the Desert Nights casino accepts both deposits made form MasterCard and visa credit cards.

For USA players, the casino offers withdrawals that are wire transferred to the personal bank account within 5 business days and most excitingly is that for any amount that exceeds $ 350, the transfer is for free!! Different from most of the existing USA online casinos, Desert Night offer for the first deposit a bonus match that varies from 150% to 450%. For the second deposit, they offer from 75% to 450% bonus match. A total sum of $8888 is received by those playing video poker or slots on their first 6 deposits .The software used in running the casino is available and downloadable in both flash version and instant play version. The software offers graphics which are crystal clear, fine and sleekā€¦. outstanding!!With a 24/7 customer service system, you can get professional help and attention be it for games like shopping spree, jackpot pinatas among others. There are jackpots offered by the casino for its loyal customers.

By signing up to the silver oak casino, you are liable to receiving slot bonus that range from 100% to 10000% and table games bonus that go up to 10000% from 100% too. The ace revenue brand casino was established in the year 2008.The Costa Rica licensed casino accepts USA players and uses the real time gaming software. Approvals for deposits made from either visa, American express or MasterCard credit cards have been improved to the level that the time for waiting is reduced. Unlike the other USA online casinos that offer only wire transfer withdrawals, the silver oak casino offers check, money gram and western union services. The transaction is completed within 5 business days. For the first ten deposits made at silver oak, you can receive a match bonus that is from 100% to 10000% for each deposit.

The bonuses which is spanned over several other deposits ensures that even if the first deposit you make is smaller, there is still a good sum of cash left for the other remaining deposits .In order to withdraw, you ought to make 30Xs rollover for your bonus amount. As if not enough, the casino also offers a special jackpot for the blackjack players that goes up to 161% bonus match. For those not required to rollover their bonus and also do not enter a bonus code when making a deposit, cash back bonus comes in handy and this is helpful and to your advantage as you can withdraw the money won any time you want. The real time gaming software is available in a flash version. The software produces magnificent graphics which have enabled the casino to offer limits of betting which are higher especially for popular table games such as baccarat and blackjack.

Other games include jackpot pinatas, shopping spree among others .The casino has an all around the clock professional customer service who can be reached through various methods and has also regular jackpots

The fifth top gambling site among many USA online casinos is the Lucky Red casino. Being part of the club world casino group which has a respectable reputation was opened in the year 2009 and is Curacao licensed. Excellent in getting deposits from MasterCard and visa credit cards approved, the casino only uses this deposit method .For withdrawals, the casino offers means which include withdrawals through bank wire, check and ACH. Many customers to this casino prefer using ACH as it if easy, fast, safe and above all this the safety offered by this method. Bank wires take up to 7 business days for the winnings to be sent to your bank account and this also applies to when using check. The ACH is different as it only takes between 3 to 5 business days for the transaction to be completed.

When it comes to bonuses, lucky red among all the USA online casinos is very generous as you can receive up to $4000 for your first deposit or a match bonus of 100% for table games up to $1000.The casino offers a dedicated professional team for its customer service who are available 24/7.The real time gaming software running gambling site offers games like shopping spree, Aztec millions among others and has jackpots that are regular and huge.

There are several other USA online casinos but after a deep cross section review of them you will settle on one among the top five casinos. Just sign up and enjoy!!

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