Video Slots For US Players

An Overview of Video Slots For US Players

The History of the Video Slots

Do you know the history behind the video slots? Well, the introduction of the video slot machines dates over fifty years back. These machines took some time before they became popular. Notably, 1964, witnessed the first step that came closer to video gaming through the use of slots after the Bally company made an upgrade of the single armed bandit. They began to replace some mechanical elements of the existing video slots at the time with the electrical parts. This move shed light for the first time since it became possible to use more that one coin, which is a vital part of these slots in this day and age.

The First Machines

In 1975, the initial generation video slot machines came into the market. The ‘Fortune Coin’ machine was designed by Walt Fraley. When this machine was introduced, most of the gamers dismissed it. They had some distrust since the machine was electrical and the physical reels could not be seen as they were spinning. Usually, there was concern about whether a computer was cable of fixing things as well as a human beings. This led to a lot of suspicion, which is evident even today. However, these machines were later accepted after the introduction of the video poker machine, which grew to become a big hit in Las Vegas. The acceptance of electronic gaming can actually be attributed to video poker machine. Today, you will notice video screens at all casinos. Usually, to add on the nostalgia value, these slots are evident in majority the casinos today.

What are the Reasons Behind Playing Video Slots?

What drives gamers to playing the video slots? There are several reasons why gamers choose to play video slots. To start with, the slots are simple and easy to play with since you can win by making a simple spin of the reels. Secondly, the slots are available in a wide array that you can make a choice from such as the slots that have got bonuses, progressive jackpots, video slots and classic slots. This game does not involve a minimum bet and it attracts gamers with varying types of bankrolls. It is rare to find a slot machine that is not fitted with a progressive jackpot. By playing normally, you can change your fortunes in a single day. This game is relaxing and entertaining and you can play it even while watching TV or playing other kinds of video slots. The potential earnings at the video slots machines make playing the game worth it. In addition, you do not have to wait for other people to play first. Since slots are noisy, animated and bright, they are a true way of keeping yourself entertained.

What are the Basic Winning Strategies?

Today, the popularity of the video slots cannot go unnoticed. The video slots are as increasingly popular with the online gamers. These games have got interesting animations as well as wild bonuses that make them a big favorite among many players regardless of their low winning percentage. With these slots, fast and hard rules of winning do not exist. Some of the strategies that may help in enhancing the winning chances in this game include: starting by learning all the rules of the game, research will be required on how the game is played since you do not have to entirely depend on luck. You should play the game when you are in a relaxed state and it is advisable to avoid alcohol as you play because this may be a casino ploy that is used to distract your concentration.

Know when to quit. Once you have made sufficient profits, then it is advisable to quit playing. If you make a fortune at your first game, the you can stop at that so as to retain your earnings. Since the casinos usually have a large variety of slots that you can choose to play from, it is sensible to opt for those that have a minimum number of nine pay lines. This adds your winning chances and enhances your casino experience.

Playing the Online Video Slot Machines For USA Players

In the world over, the video slots are the most commonly played casino. There popularity is both at the online as well as the land based casinos. Today, there are well over 1000 video slot machines online with examples such as the progressive jackpots, interactive i-Slots, 7-reel and 5-reel video slots. There are also a myriad of software providers for these kind of gaming machines and they include Vegas Technology, Real Time Gaming, Boss Media and many others.

Popular Online Video Slots Machines

Have you ever tried playing the 5 Reel Turn? Well, this game is exciting and it features a video-i-slot and a 15 day bonus feature. This machine is available with a scatter, 10 spins at no cost, thirty winning combinations as well as a 1,000 coins jackpot. Some of the symbols that can be found on the reels are inclusive of the Casino Chips, Ivan the Fish, Tommy Wong and Bonus Chip.

The Cleopatra’s Gold

This is a 20 pay line slot, 5 reel that is made available from Real Time Gaming. It comes along with scatters, wilds, 15 free spins as well as 36 winning combinations. Some of the symbols that are found on the reels are inclusive of Pyramid, Ace, King, Scarab Beetle, Ten, Ace, Nine, King and Cleopatra.

Enchanted Garden

Are you looking for real fun and entertainment? You can try playing the Enchanted Garden Turn, which is a 20 pay progressive slot, 5 reel and it comes along with 7 free spins, scatters, 25 winning combinations as well as reel symbols that include the Gems, Unicorn, Garden, Butterfly and Princess.

Ladies Nite and Pay Dirt

The Ladies Nite video is 9 slot and has 5 reels. It has other offering such as 38 winning combinations, 10,000 coins,15 free spins, wilds and also reels like the Purse, Perfume, party Girl, Glitterball and Cocktail. On the other hand, playing Pay Dirt can be fun. This game is 5 reel and includes symbols such as Lantern, Gold Pan, Gold Mine, Gold Nugget as well as Dynamite. Other popular online video slots include the Princess Jewels, Red White and Win, The Reel Deal, Tomb Raider and Thunderstruck among many others. It does not matter whether you play the slot machine in Vegas or not, keep in mind that you should gamble only with the amount of money that you can afford to loose.

How Can You Increase Your Winning Chances?

Would you like to increase your winning chances when playing video slots? In order to do this, you can make use of some of the tips mentioned below that will enable you to increase your profitability. Take note that it is quite natural for the casino players to play video slots with the aim of doubling their cash. It is vital to point out that there is no defined strategy that can give you a clear win at the slots. The best approach is to learn how you can possible add the chances of making a big win.

Winning Tips

There are a myriad of slot machines that can be spotted at the casinos. Some have easier odds of winning as compared to others. So, you should identify machines that have higher chances of winning. Usually, machines that issue out extremely huge jackpots are difficult to win. It is only natural that the casino would make a selection of hard odds for slot machines that have bigger jackpot prizes so that they can maximize on the profits that they make. By selecting a slot machine that has the best payouts as compared to the top prize, then you will definitely be enhancing your winning chances. There are a good number of slots that perform well and provide frequent wins, but, in smaller amounts. Such machines are considered as being better as compared to the huge jackpots that have got difficult odds.

Progressive and Non Progressive Video Slots

Do you understand the difference between the progressive and non progressive video slots? These machines have got difficult odds, which makes it hard for gamers to secure a win. They have got a small winning percentage and each bet is added to the prize. These kind of machines have an interconnection with other different machines that are in the casino. There are times when these machines are linked to machines that are found in other kinds of casinos. You can play a game or two at these machines since the amount of money that you may win could easily change your life. So, as much as you play with the machines that have got higher winning Odds, you can set aside some amount for this type of machines. The best machines to play with are the non-progressive type. These machines have got a less amount of prize money with a higher chance of winning. So, you can play using the non progressive machines often if your strategy is to have a bigger chance of making accumulated winnings.

The Payouts

Have you ever wondered what the payouts on video slots are? This question does not have a defined answer since it is dependent on a myriad of factors. In case you are playing at the live casino, every slot can have its own settings. It if often much easier to determine the payouts for the online casinos. Most of the cash that is put in the slot machines is returned in winnings. In the occurrence of a bad run while playing on a slot, it may be surprising to know how high the actual figures are- although this depends on what happens on consequent spins. It is obvious that huge variations will be imminent during the different spins. This is the reason why understanding the thrill and gamble of slot machines is a prerequisite for gamers interested in playing video slots.

The Reality of the Payouts

Usually, the video slot machines with the highest payout return back up to 97% of the amount that is put in them and majority of the rates are above 90%. For instance, the popular pub slot in the UK that is referred to as Rainbow Riches, puts back as much as 95%. It is worth mentioning that the payouts are much higher for online casinos as compared to the live slots since the latter have higher overheads attached to their operations. Although the online casinos have got costs, they cannot be as high as those incurred by the land based casinos. For example, they do not have to provide their clients with free drinks. This is why many gamers are now turning to online casinos because they have a higher chance of winning. It is also vital to note that the payouts for the different slots have got variations. Most of the casinos should give you information on the percentage payout and if that is not the case, then the best thing would be to find a casino that will provide you with the information that you need.

Online or Land Based Casinos?

How do you make a choice between land based and online casinos? Learners are advised to begin playing on the three reel machine after which they can progressively grow to the five reel. The beauty about the online casinos over the land based ones is that it is possible to play the slots with a free account. You do not have to spend any real cash. This is why the online casinos are extremely popular today with well over 200 slots that you can choose from. The fact that you can enjoy playing your favorite game right at the comfort of your home is also a major plus. The manner in which the online video slots is similar to the land casino games although the delivery of the spin results is done differently. Therefore, you can enjoy your favorite video slots at home, in the office or at the land based casino. The choice if yours! Simply identify exciting video slots that have got high chances of winning. You never know when luck may come knocking. Therefore, try playing some video slots today.

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