Free 4Story Accounts and Passwords

4story is a game called World of Warcraft As Turkey. World Of Warcraft has had a player explosion since its debut, but has lost its player due to insufficient advertising in the future but still has a good audience. 4story is the online role-playing game published by Gameforge such a world renowned company in Turkey. Games broadcasts in Turkey began in 2005 to life. And since then, thousands of 4Story accounts and passwords have been played.

What Adventure Awaits 4Story Accounts?

In terms of graphics, the game time, which is similar to World Of Warcraft, was received with great interest by game lovers. It was loved and played for years. Even now, the game with a beautiful audience has been made more enjoyable with dozens of new update packages.

There are two countries named Valorian and Derion that you can choose in the 4Story accounts. You can also select the GOR side that is added with new packages after the 80 level limit. It can be said that the game, which is about the relentless war between Valorian and Derion, is based on almost mutual battles.

The game includes 3 races: Fairy, Human and Feline. There are features that each race brings to different classes. At the same time, you can be sure that you will have fun after logging in with your 4Story passwords due to the large selection of class options in the game. These classes consist of Rogues, Archers, Mages, Warriors, Priests and Summoners. Every class is beautiful than each other. You will also feel the excitement in your veins during wartime.

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