Free 9Dragons Accounts and Passwords 2020

Free 9Dragons Accounts and Passwords

9Dragons is a 3D martial arts-themed MMORPG game with a large combat system and a unique skill system set in ancient China during the Ming Dynasty. The game has four classes and six combat functions: Warrior, Strategist Chi Kung and Holist. Within the inspiring geographic locations, you can experience a fascinating game with free 9 Dragons accounts and passwords by mastering Kung-Fu and choosing one of 9 clans and countless classes by fighting other players in the regional PvP at 240 PvP. We strongly recommend you to play especially if you are a Kung Fu fan. It is a fun and generally very rewarding game up to the exciting point. It also offers many features that players already know, so experienced players can easily adapt to the game and feel themselves in a game they always know with a new and improved feature rather than a new game.

Character creation is simple and easy with 8 face styles, 21 hair styles and 3 costume choices. Although long and boring, even the most experienced are recommended to get instructors, but it will help you keep the necessary information for weapons. How the game is divided into levels is slightly different from other norms.

9Dragons Overview

9Dragons offers a fighting game set in China’s Ming Dynasty when clans fighting martial arts fight each other for supremacy. Enter a world nurtured by discipline, dignity and determination, your physical abilities and understanding of Kung-Fu will turn you into a great warrior. Join one of nine different martial arts clans with Free 9 Dragons accounts and passwords and be different with each clan Learn the art of Kung-Fu, which offers a talent tree and their own turns in common classes. Six of the clans are divided between White and Black, depending on whether they support it or rebel against its reign, depending on their loyalty to the Emperor. Fight for your beliefs by joining the regional PvP, which offers a solid monitoring system that records your earnings and losses, and the mixed prize for victory. You can use various weapons while grinding from Level 1 to 240. You can experience a unique mini-game system used in every 12 levels. If you just start the game, you can register as a student under the supervision of another player and get bonuses to help you level up. Get ready to explore a world inspired by China and with real geographical locations such as the Great Wall and Shaolin Monastery.

Free 9Dragons Accounts and Passwords:

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9 Dragons Key Features:

  • 9 Clans: You can follow a different warrior path by joining one of the six martial arts clans.
  • Unique Mini Games: Learning new moves and moving to the next stage of your training requires you to play different mini games that use your focus.
  • Chinese Geography: Explore a vast world that includes geographic locations such as the Great Wall of China and Shaolin Monastery.
  • Regional PvP: Choose between White Clans or Black Clans and join the PvP zone for dominance with a robust tracking system that records your stats.
  • Graduate Student Program: Senior players can hire students and help level up with unique items and bonuses.
  • Character: You can choose from 5 different classes and 6 clan types.
  • Hero Band: There is a comprehensive “Hero Band” system that allows you to create communities of up to 40 members
  • Become a Warrior: You can improve your character’s abilities to master dozens of weapon types.
  • Warrior: Warriors are the masters of the main weapons of their clans. They are the first to run into battle, and all their abilities are centered around dealing direct damage to the opponent. They emphasize Constitution, Skill and Power, while their essence is more difficult to develop.
  • Healer: A clan’s healing uses his clan’s secondary weapon, but his abilities are more focused on polishing and healing other members. Because Hybrid’s basic abilities are the same, the Healer can heal external and internal injuries, but not Hybrid. While the constitution is more difficult to develop, they emphasize Essence and Wisdom.
  • Nuker: Nuker is an expert in Chi Kung arts delivered to his clans. They focus on dealing long range damage to their targets, and the majority of their skills can do some damage. They emphasize Essence and Wisdom,
  • Hybrid: Hybrid is an army by itself; know about every art in their clans, from the use of secondary clans to weapons to Chi Kung attacks and polishing and healing.

How to Play 9 Dragons for Free?

The gameplay is very similar to other Korean MMORPGs, but a few important changes and tweaks have been made. There is a familiar “shortcut key” where you can assign skills for easy use. However, as you progress in the game, a new mode of transportation called “light foot” will be offered to you. This allows you to control your character in the same way as a car, and it is worthwhile to go faster as the skill increases. You will find yourself a place in 6 different clans, each of which has 4 different “roles”. This gives players a wide variety of options in terms of progress and character style. You can do anything from Drunken Boxing to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon-style sword play, depending on the clan and role you choose. There is a comprehensive upgrade system and almost unlimited opportunities to make your character stronger. You can sell the products you cannot use to get in-game money. Little things like killing farm animals in town create a fun atmosphere. With Free 9 Dragons accounts and passwords , you can be sure that you will be addicted to your game.

Advantages of Free 9Dragons Accounts

9Dragons game is a share of 2 wins. That is, real money purchases and customizations can be made to develop faster and make a difference. There are many things you can do with characters that can reach level 216. The basic gameplay of the game is very similar to other MMORPG type games, but it is absolutely fictionally different and there are many things you can do. With Free 9Dragons accounts , you can master others instead of being a student directly, help them earn free Bonuses and become one of the clan’s biggest.

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