Free Age Of Conan – Pc Accounts and Passwords

The fact that Age of Conan created excitement for the game world reveals that more than one million beta Age Of Conan – Pc accounts applications were made when it was first announced. The first part of Age of Conan differantiating from the other MMORPG games is the age classification. The game is placed in the “Adult” account category. So its target audience is over 17 years old. It is possible to see lots of blood, violence and nudity in the game.

Age Of Conan – What Should Pc Account Holders Know?

In general, MMOs enable a wide range of systems to run the game to generate more revenue than the monthly fee. AoC did not choose this route. Out-of-date systems will have a lot of difficulty in the game. In return for this price, the game offers an amazing graphic structure for Age Of Conan – Pc accounts and passwords owners.

From light to animation, texture to magic effects, the graphics are breathtaking. While there is no limit in space designs, rough terrain and high mountains complete the atmosphere. Details such as smoke coming out of the house chimney and pictures on the walls add more taste.

The game world keeps Conan’s era with sound and music besides visual. Sound effects enhance realism; it even has all non-player characters (NPC) voices in the starting space. Music is similar to Conan films, perfecting the atmosphere with all the elements from ambience to menu music.

There are three types of servers: PvP, PvE and RP-PVP. Zoning is at an extreme stage. Apart from copy spaces (instances) or region changes specially created for you, you sometimes encounter loading screen even when entering the buildings.

You can create characters from three countries of the Conan world, Aquilonia, Cimmeria or Stygia. There are no differences that will affect the gameplay, it’s just a choice of acting the type of character varies slightly depending on the race you choose. You can change the countless details of your character from eyebrow-to-eye distance to how muscular. As long as you change these settings after entering your Age Of Conan – Pc passwords, it is not possible for someone else to be similar to you.

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