Free ArcheAge Accounts and Passwords

ArcheAge was a huge online game released by XL Games in Korea about 2 years ago, as its followers and waiters already know. For a long time, ArcheAge accounts owners wondered which company would develop the EU and NA versions of the game. About a year after ArcheAge’s release in Korea, Trion Worlds announced it will bring the game to EU and NA.

What Await ArcheAge Accounts in the New Version?

ArcheAge has become a huge online game that has started to grow old before it can actually take its place in the market. When you have ArcheAge accounts, you choose your server, then the character creation screen welcomes you. There are two different factions you can choose from on the character creation screen and 4 different races are waiting for you under them. For Nuia side; Elves and Nuians. For the Haranya side; There are Firrans and Harani. You choose one of these races and then you step onto the personalization screen of your character.

After logging into your account with your ArcheAge passwords, the game has a sufficient level of detail in the character personalization area. After adjusting the appearance of your character, you can choose your class. The class you choose on this screen does not mean the class you will use throughout the game as in other classic massive online games. In fact, the game’s class selection and customization system has been thought of quite nicely.

You start the game with the class you choose here, and in the following levels, you choose sub-classes in your ArcheAge accounts and passwords outside this class. As you select the side classes, you activate the ones you want to use from the skills under each class. Your character’s class begins to form according to your choices. In this way, you have the chance to create hundreds of different classes in the game.

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