Free Fallen Earth Accounts and Passwords 2020

Free Fallen Earth Accounts and Passwords

Fallen Earth Overview

Fallen Earth is a post-apocalyptic/survival-themed 3D MMORPG developed by Reloaded Productions and published by K2 Network. The game is a mix of an FPS and an RPG. The game is about stories in 2156 after a combination of nuclear conflict combined with a deadly virus brought the end of human civilization known as apocalypse. The remaining population takes refuge in a post-apocalyptic barren region based on the area around the American Grand Canyon. Step into the uprising of a dying clone with almost unlimited potential, tasked with saving the rest of these threats. Players can play the game as a third person or as a first person. With Free Fallen Earth accounts , learn the skills needed to survive in the post-apocalyptic world, take advantage of all kinds of benefits from producing your own bullets to your innate superhuman gifts and development. You can learn to work for a better world while trying to save the lost secrets of the human son who has come to the edge of extinction.

Main Features:

  • Crafting Mechanics: The game’s detailed crafting mechanics appears as a key element.
  • Comprehensive Character Customization: Almost no player is alike.
  • Explore the World of Sandbox: Get yourself a place in the geographically evolving events around Grand Canyon.
  • Factional PvP: You can fight to protect your territory in groups and upgrade your character by completing missions.
  • Open Class Character: You can customize the characters with in-game statistics, skills, and mutations to make them unique. .
  • First or Third Person: Experience the Fallen Earth world in your own style; Play in traditional FPS view or more MMO style third person view.
  • Gear Loads: A wide variety of equipment players, including improvised equipment and weapons, various vehicles and more.
  • Fractions and Tactical PvP: Join a faction and fight your enemies in a fast-paced, tactical team-based battle.
  • Giant Open World: The greatest tremendousness of Fallen Earth is in a 1000 square kilometer game world based on real-life topographic maps of the region.

Free Fallen Earth Accounts and Passwords:

Username: pussys
Password: reichertdarrickfuckit

Username: wapapapa
Password: marceloprohaskanolanfredfred

Username: sixsix
Password: willgoptonlinetiffany1

Username: cafc91
Password: dmbkiwiunderworking

Username: ou812
Password: fpilslhku

Username: dogman
Password: ppfannerstillprussianized

Username: bacon
Password: aiyanamayertnintendo

Username: everett
Password: carmelrippin98

Username: venture
Password: benniekeeblerbumper

Username: spitfire
Password: jlbaumgamespeed

Username: radiohead
Password: psichelgiovanni

Username: lockerroom
Password: cWf1br2j

Username: 4747
Password: bmcmahonwalnut

Username: hassan
Password: r63YAM58

Username: drowssap
Password: rwelty124578

Username: defense
Password: RWTIKQ

Username: rosebud
Password: 1VN4Eg7A

Username: musica
Password: RZTQPW

Username: elvis
Password: vvxjakcme

Username: 21071989
Password: dmbkiwi1234509876

Username: henry1
Password: pajasoptonlineroma

How to Play Free Fallen Earth?

After downloading the game to your computer, you can log in to free Fallen Earth accounts, with a password and start with a unique feature-packed character. The war in the Fallen World is usually in first-person shooter format. The camera can be moved to switch between third and first person modes. Players will need to manually hold their targets at the aiming sight to hit them in battle. Skills can be used to influence combat in different ways, but enemies must still be targeted manually. It is stated that there will be no “target locking” as in other MMOs.

There are three main ways to deal damage in the game. These are shattered by the effective ranges of weapons. Rifles, pistols and melee weapons are primary types of weapons. Rifles are a unique option for long range damage, but they can use short range weapons. Pistols can be considered the most balanced of all types of weapons that can cause medium to short range damage. Melee weapons can be preferred for short distances.

Players start neutral in Fallen Earth and can remain neutral or choose to align themselves with a particular group. Matching with a faction will give characters a start in the skills and equipment that the faction specializes in (for example, they will have easier access to learning specific skills). There are also a number of NPC groups that players can adapt to. Helping or disrupting groups will affect the player’s relationship with them. Killing fraction members can also affect fraction compatibility. With Free Fallen Earth accounts , you can have one of the strongest characters of world wars after apocalyptic and equip it with unique features to consolidate your place in the indivisible colonies of endless conflicts.

What Free Fallen Earth Accounts Bring to Players

As you progress through adventures in Fallen Earth, you can develop your character with basic skills and unique abilities, such as using weapons, treating injuries, developing special powers, or escaping attack, but you can have an advanced character for yourself directly in free Fallen Earth accounts . These skills and abilities fall into four categories. One way to measure talent


It is divided into twelve main categories related to physical endurance, mental dexterity, social magnetism, creative intelligence, technical creativity and the ability to use extra sensory abilities.

Active skills:

All special abilities have a minimum, so your character can learn new special abilities as they level up and improve their skills.


Each Mutation Path enters one of three basic types: Magnification, Restoration and Destruction. Activating mutations will cost Gamma, which is an indicator of your character’s mental fatigue.


The better your Tradeskills (in-game trading), the better the items you can produce.

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