Free Fiesta Online Accounts and Passwords

There are 4 classes when you log into Fiesta with your Fiesta Online accounts and passwords. These are: cleric (priest-healer), wizard (mage), fighter (warrior), archer. Each of these classes offers different adventures to the players.

How are Adventures Waiting for Fiesta Account holders?

Although it is healer in Cleric class, its damage ability is medium. Since they all have high and heal-buff features, there is no problem in leveling up alone. At the same time, the sought-after character of the parties comes in progressive levels.

The Wizard class uses elemental spells. Fiesta Online accounts holders belonging to this class are based on pell damage and have the highest damage. Of course, while cutting the mob, it is necessary to pay attention to the distance. So a little bit of motion is required.

Fighter class is the class that you can use double hand sword, double hand ax and one hand sword + shield to ideally level up as you know. Two-handed ax deals more damage than two-handed sword.

Unfortunately, the Archer class does not have much advantage. There are already mages for good damage from afar. But the archers are also said to be getting stronger at advancing levels. The arches are also much cooler.

There are 5 professions in total. After logging into your account with your Fiesta Online passwords, you can learn 2 of the flour. Potion making, scrolling, stone making (for enchanting), high level item making, low level item making and additional mining and herb gathering are available. While it is not necessary to collect anything for flower collecting, it is necessary to take scroll and learn for mining. The high level item making event is caused by combining low level items. Making a low level item is breaking a high level item and removing items at lower levels.

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