Free Guild Wars 2 Accounts and Passwords

Guild Wars 2 game was made by ArenaNet. The game is about the events that took place 250 years after Guild Wars 1. You don’t need to have GW1 to play GW2. However, if you have played GW1 and have achieved some success, you can connect your account to your newly purchased Guild Wars 2 accounts, giving you the opportunity to get a lot of in-game items that only senior GW1 players can have.

What Can You Do With Guild Wars 2 Accounts?

GW2 is played with Pay to Play policy. This means you pay for the first time you buy the game, and you don’t have to pay money unless you want it again. This is a different system than Pay to Win. It means, nothing you can get by paying real money in the game will make you stronger and invincible. After making a single payment, you can play the game with all its content by logging into your Guild Wars 2 accounts and passwords without any restrictions.

You will encounter some kind of gem-store in the game. If you wish, you will find that you can buy the gold you earn in the game, as well as your credit card from a wide catalog that is completely cosmetic. You don’t have to pay any fees as long as you play the game. You will encounter two options on the purchase page: Digital Heroic Edition and Digital Deluxe.

Currently, the game takes up 19.7 GB of space, and you need to know that the update will take some time in this direction after the initial installation. Once you update the game in a playable way, you can easily log in to your Guild Wars 2 passwords from any computer by copying its folder wherever you want. Guild Wars 2 is a game aimed at people who have not played MMORPG before.

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