Free New World Accounts and Passwords

Amazon Games is getting ready to launch the first MMO game New World: Aeternum Awaits in 25th of August. The online game New World: Aeternum Awaits, which was first introduced at the Game Awards, has been opened for pre-order. The price of the Standard version of the New World accounts developed by Amazon Games have been determined as $39,99. And the Deluxe New World accounts package is $49,99.

What Features Will You Get With New World Accounts?

Just about the game coming to PC, Amazon Games officials said that New World is an open world MMO game in the Age of Exploration. The game is about the 17th century. The story takes place on an island called Aeternum in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The biggest feature of the island is that it is a supernatural island. The game has both solo and PvP experiences with action-RPG fights, massive siege battles, rich crafting system and characterization stage.

New World, the work of Amazon Game Studios, is developed with the Lumberyard Engine. Looking at the screenshots, this game engine, built on the basis of Cryengine, is quite successful. In the game, where you can have a New World accounts and passwords by paying a one-time fee, things like luck box, extra power item / potion will not be sold. What you can buy with money in the market will be in a style that will completely enhance the look.

You will be able to play the game as you wish by New World passwords, whether you are a candidate for professions or a solid warrior, this is your choice. There will be variable weather conditions, seasons and day and night cycles. You will be able to get the territory of your own or your clan. As the game will be released by Amazon Game Studios, it will be integrated with Twitch Prime. It is quite exciting that Amazon will be making MMORPG games and having such features.

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