Free Population Zero Accounts and Passwords

The story-driven and survival MMO game Population Zero opens to early access on Steam in May. The game will be available to Population Zero accounts holders for $ 30. Population Zero, the story-driven sci-fi MMO game, which started closed beta tests last year, will meet with players in May. The game developed by Enplex Games is open to early access on May 5th.

What Will Population Zero Account Holders Achieve?

Population Zero, where hundreds of players will embark on an adventure in the dangerous world called Kepler, aims to provide Population Zero accounts and passwords holders with a story-driven MMO experience. In the game, which will be reset regularly every week, players will struggle to survive for 7 days. Players will have memories of their past lives in each cycle and earn rewards based on their previous progress. New mysteries, new mechanics and new regions will be added to the game with each new cycle.

The game, which started to be developed with the free-to-play model in mind, has switched to the buy-to-play model in line with the joint decision of the community and the developer team. The main reason for this studio’s decision is to eliminate the doubts about the possibility of the game turning into pay-to-win. According to the statement made by Creative Director Denis Pozdnyakov, this also allowed the developer team to continuously produce new content. The price that the game will go on sale in Steam is set at $ 30. All players who purchase the game in early access will have the full content of the Pioneer Founder Pack with their Population Zero passwords.

Population Zero will include in-game purchases, but these purchases will be limited to cosmetics. In the coming weeks, we will be able to find out more about the game at PAX East.

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