Free Rift Accounts and Passwords

Rift is a world as large and detailed as Warcraft, and more importantly, a real massive online role-playing game. In other words, it is unlikely that the game will be finished and absorbed to the deepest extent, like other games, during an ordinary weekend. Therefore, those who have Rift accounts should play this game with a good understanding.

Why Is It An Advantage To Have Rift Accounts?

Rift takes Rift accounts and passwords holders to the huge Telara land created by the gods of Vigil at the intersection of the dimensions of life, death, air, water, fire and earth, which are the source of reality and existence. This world, which is home to all kinds of riches and great powers, is under the threat of the Blood Storm gods, each of which is powered by essential elements, under the leadership of the god of death Regulos.

Although the inhabitants of this land have fled Regulos’s first major attack and built the guardian to keep them away with the help of the Vigil gods; the protector has weakened over time and the dark shade of Regulos once again surrounds Telara; The doors (rifts) opened from the dimensions started to release various kinds of cheesy creatures to Telara lands.

Moreover, Telara, in the shadow of the destruction, is far from being one body. It was divided into two and started to clash in itself. On the one hand, there are holy and dogmatic Guardians, who believe that the Vigil gods will return one day and save Telara again, and on the other hand, there are pragmatist techno-developers, the Defiant, who hold the gods responsible for all this.

After logging into the game with your Rift passwords, you start by choosing one of these two (faction). Although the choice you make does not affect the gameplay of the game much, it affects the story flow and the task setup later in the game.

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