Free RuneScape Accounts and Passwords

The rift game, released by Jagex Ltd in 2001, coincides with the childhood years of many adult RuneScape accounts holders now. When the game came out, it was a little different from the MMORPG games of that period. The game, which was played on java on the official website when it was first released, is now available as a downloadable content.

What Awaits You in RuneScape Accounts?

Although the low quality of the graphics at the time of its publication seems to be a minus when compared to other MMORPGS in the market, it was not at all like the number of players playing and the pleasure it gives. In fact, Runescape’s official website is offered to players under the name “Old School” at the time of the game’s release, and there are thousands of RuneScape accounts and passwords players currently playing.

Although there are two playable types (Old school and current version) of the game, we will talk about what is current today. After registering for the game and logging in with your RuneScape passwords, you will find yourself on Tutorial Island. This section is very important for beginners because you learn the basic things about the game here.

First, “Gudrik” welcomes you and you do everything in the tutorial under its leadership. Gudrik teaches you the basic structure of the game, fishing, cooking, extracting ore from the mine, how to use these ores etc. Although Runescape is not exactly a survival game, it gives the player such a feeling as soon as he enters the game.

After completing the tutorial, you find yourself in front of the castle in Lumbrigde. If you’re wondering what you can do in the first place from now on, your first target will be the goblins in Lumbridge. You can develop your character as mage, ranger or warrior and you can do all of them together.

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