Free The Secret World Accounts and Passwords

The Secret World, which had a great impact during its release, will make a second start in the next spring, completely free of charge. Producer Funcom said in a statement that the story-driven MMORPG game chose this way to reach a wider The Secret World accounts.

What is the Adventure for The Secret World Account Holders?

Possibly one of the most fantastic universes among the MMORPGs on the market, The Secret World made its name as a different-style MMORPG with a horror-gothic theme when it first appeared. The game created by Funcom’s experienced staff in storytelling, by doing a very good job, could be played with The Secret World passwords afterwards, provided that it was purchased once. Now it will be completely free, without the need to buy games.

In doing so, Funcom said that they had no other purpose, they were only very happy with their work at The Secret World and that they wanted this experience to be discovered by all players.

In the game that will start again under The Secret World Legends, you will be able to upgrade your character content and personal items to the new game if you have The Secret World accounts and passwords or are still playing now. A beta version will be held for the game. If you don’t want to upgrade, the regular TSW servers will continue to be open for you. You can use this link to register to the game: Since the old version of the game is extremely enjoyable and fun, you can choose to continue as it is.

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