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"Hello dear slave"

"Hello dear slave"

My wife uses Facebook.

I know, I know. I’ve told her. But does she listen to me? No, of course she doesn’t.

She’s even listened to the rather wonderful podcast I recorded all about quitting Facebook, but still she finds it hard to cut the umbilical cord to Mark Zuckerberg’s data harvesting monster.

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Anyway, in a real-life conversation with someone last night she happened to mention that she had once received a very strange proposal from an Egyptian man via Facebook Messenger, with a unique style when it comes to chatting up his scam victims.

I asked her for a screenshot, and here it is…

Hello dear slave

Hello, dear slave, I am Hisham from Egypt, I want to marry a British woman, I have loved you so much when I saw your beautiful picture, do you accept marriage to an Egyption, you are really very beautiful, thank you very much, please communicate please, I long to see you and hear your voice.

I’m currently haggling.

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