VIDEO: “Not All Cybercriminals Are Evil Geniuses”

VIDEO: “Not All Cybercriminals Are Evil Geniuses”

Yesterday I spoke at IRISSCON in Dublin. Here is the blurb of what I was speaking about:

The media loves to present hackers as evil geniuses, but that’s often not the case. They may not be smart, and they may not be bad. Sometimes they may even be neither!

The truth is that good people sometimes do bad things. And bad people sometimes do very dumb things.

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Computer security veteran SLG will take you on a journey through some of dumb mistakes that malicious hackers have made which made it easy for them to be identified – the goofs, the screw-ups, and the basic failings which led to the authorities knocking on their door.

Check out the video if you want to see me explain how not all cybercriminals are evil geniuses.

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