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Gambling is loved by every gamer in the world. People love playing the games as it offers you a chance to win the huge rewards by playing the different games. These games are also filled with loads of action and excitement. These casinos are now available online for you to play all the different range of games. The online casinos gained fame because it allows you to play the games directly from the home. The online casinos also gained fame because of the online casino bonuses they offer to the different people. These bonuses allow you to have fun by investing less amount of money.These casinos along with the bonuses offer many several information about the games. They provide you with the rules and the different strategies of the gaming world. The slots information is provided in the different casino sites. These casino sites help you in knowing about the gaming more nicely. With the help of these casino sites a newbie can also learn the different ways of gaming. If you know about the different games they can help you to brush up your skills easily. So log onto the internet and explore the different casino sites.

About Online Gambling

People all over the world love to gamble. Every instant of the day, people in different countries of this world, from different fields and walks of life are hard at gambling, dropping coins into slots, furiously counting their chips and throwing dice. Gambling is a world wide vice and it is so famous that there will be very few who have not tried their hands at gambling at least once in their lifetime. For example, in the United States of America alone, the last 20 years has seen a never seen before growth in both the popularity and social acceptance of gambling as a form of social entertainment. Gambling was once considered as the devil’s work and was completely banned but in two states. This is no longer the case now with 48 states accepting gambling and revenues in excess of $60 billion every year. This staggering amount is much way higher than the sum of revenues from all revenues from spectator sports, theme parks, cruise ships and recorded music. Despite this enormous growth of the gambling industry, the type of gambling available in one region to the next is a crap’s shoot. While some places allow casino gambling, there are certain restrictions and often only one or more genteel versions like charitable bingo and state sponsored lotteries are allowed. Taking these limitations into consideration what can a die hard blackjack player stuck somewhere away from a casino do? Taking the road or a plane to the nearest town that allows casino games is not an option! Such an option is not possible until teleportation becomes a reality! Though teleportation is far away to become a reality, science has still offered us the internet. And with internet access, players from all the nooks are corners of the world have access to multiple gambling rooms at any time they choose to. Online gambling, or Internet gambling or simple I-gambling is a quite recent phenomenon. It is the next evolutionary milestone in the gambling industry. It is the culmination of people’s passion towards games of chance and top notch technology that make 3D realism possible giving us impression that we are indeed hard at play at a real casino. Through these exciting online casinos, people can use their credit cards and play their favorite games, bet on the lottery, ponies or any type of wager that they can imagine. Online casinos are a milestone in advancement for the ardent casino lover. The ardent casino lover no longer needs to be the victim of distance or travel and can play his favorite game as long as desired. Now, with online casinos anybody can just log on and play with people like himself from different countries. Online casinos are a virtual melt pot of gamblers and everybody is welcome.

Beginner’s Guide

There are many types of online casinos where you can play to heart’s content. Many of these online casinos use java and they load directly into your internet browser. Some of these online casino sites also use Flash and Shockwave. You will need flash and shockwave plugins to play at these sites. These plugins are available for free and you can download them from Macromedia. Online casinos based on these two are called “No download” casinos as you don’t have to download anything to your computer to play these games. The main advantage of no download casinos is that you can play at these casinos from most computers and operating systems. You can also play at most of these casinos from WebTV. There are some other casinos that offer you downloadable software. In order to play at these casinos, you have to download and install the software on your computer. These software will run only on MS Windows based computers and so you need a Windows based PC to play at these casino sites. Generally, the size of the software is around 5-15 megabytes (MB) and should take little time to download if you have faster internet connection through DSL or a cable modem. Download casinos are better as they are usually more stable and secure. If you are on a dial up or slow internet connection, go for download casinos as they offer better gaming experiences. Bonuses


The field of internet casinos and gambling is relatively new, but, nevertheless it is an exciting form of gaming. As is the case with most of the new innovations, questions and doubts about security and fairness may arise in your mind. You may ask: “Is it safe to play at casinos listed at www. onlinecasino101. org?” The answer is “yes”. We list only casinos that are safe, secure and run by honest webmasters at our site. We take pride in doing this. You can be assured that casinos listed at our site ensure secure transactions, fairness in games and proper customer services. The sites listed at www. onlinecasino101. org will process your information and funds securely. You personal information is transferred through the internet via an encryption technique that is based on complex mathematical algorithms. This encryption technique compares with that used by banks world wide. The results of games that you play are unpredictable and are genuinely based on chance to ensure fairness of game. The results of these games depend on random numbers and there is no way one can tamper with the results.

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