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Read about my blackjack career. Although I guess it was true that I did live in a bit of a fantasy world, there was one thing that I had my feet firmly on the ground about and that was my blackjack career. I had recently made a career out of blackjack when it was my mother who told me that there was a place where I could play blackjack any time of day or night and instead of just having fun with blackjack and continuing to live in my fantasy world, I could actually make bucks from this blackjack and then live (happily) in the real world. To be honest, initially this idea sounded too good to be true. But when I checked out what she was talking about with blackjack, I realized it was true!Live a fantastical blackjack life in reality. What I found out that day was that I could continue to live in my fantastical world, but firmly entrenched in reality since blackjack was becoming a very lucrative career for me indeed. It was amazing! So I tell anyone who has a dream of making it big and does not want to work very hard for it, to play blackjack, beat the dealer to 21 playing blackjack and have fun doing it! You can make a career out of what you love because that is exactly what I have done with blackjack.

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Why I started to play online blackjack I could not believe it was the beginning of the month again. My rent was due in two days time and I had absolutely no idea how I was going to pay it. I wanted to do some on line gambling but hesitated because recently there had been no decent bonuses and the payouts were never great. So when I discovered a Microgaming casino that beat the lot of them, a place where I could play online blackjack for serious bucks, I changed my mind. Suddenly, I realized that if I won online blackjack on this online casino, I could make the rent, and then some!How happy I was with online blackjack. Well I did start playing online blackjack and playing online blackjack made me very happy. I was delighted in fact. I was doing so well on online blackjack that within the hour I had made the rent and I had not even noticed all that cash going in to my InstaDebit account. It was just awesome! I was doing so well and having such a good time doing it!Now I always play online blackjack. Ever since that scary day of not being able to make the rent, I have played online blackjack. Whether I am in a financial bind or not, online blackjack always makes me feel better and I really enjoy myself in the process. I think everyone should play online blackjack and get as much out of it as I do.

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I discovered slot machine games in college. When I was in college studying biology, I noticed that all of my friends played on the slot machine games. I was always a bit skeptical about slot machine games but when I graduated, I noticed some major changes in slot machine games, not least of all the great payouts. I was not sure however, that I myself could make any money on the slot machine games but since I had a very lucrative career anyway, I figured it could not hurt to try. So that was what I did. I started to play slot machine games and to my great surprise and delight, I started to win! If only I had played slot machine games through college I could have probably paid all my fees while in college. Still, better late than never and I was having fun too. How easy I found it to make money on slot machine gamesThe greatest thing for me about the slot machine games was that making money on slot machine games was so easy. There was no hard work involved. While I loved my job as a researcher, that involved far more brain power for about the same money (very good money, you should know). But you do not need a college education to succeed on the slot machine games, just a desire for a bit of fun!

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I felt like I just had to give some of the money to charity now. I had been making so much money playing online blackjack on a Microgaming casino using flash cool software that I felt like I had to give some of it away. I mean it was one thing getting rich from online blackjack but I was getting mega rich and I had never had this much money ever in my life. Not only that, it was dead easy to make mega bucks playing online blackjack. Play online blackjack at the right casinoThe only thing you need to know before you start making money playing online blackjack is that you have to play online blackjack at the right casino. That means the following: always a Microgaming casino; always with the highest payouts and always with the most fun in terms of graphics. The thing with online blackjack is, to be successful you have to have fun with your game. If you are not going to have fun, you will not make any bucks (let alone mega bucks) with online blackjack. Make loads of money with this online blackjack. So if you want to make more money than you will ever know what to do with (however expensive your dream lifestyle is), then you should play online blackjack here. Because when you start playing online blackjack at the right place, you will very quickly see how easy and fast it is to make mega money.

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Are the fruit slot machines a mirage? Want to loose weight and have fun all at the same time? Boy have I got the perfect solution for you. My doctor told me that I had to loose 50 pounds or run the risk of hear attack, he put me on the fruit diet. I had to eat fruits all day long for 1 month straight. I was feeling down in the dumps, withdrawal set in without my favorite cookies and cakes to eat, what was I to do? My friend suggested that I take a trip to Reno, if I take my mind of food, it won’t be so hard. As I walked around the Casino, I felt out of place, with a bag filled with fruits, who wouldn’t notice me? I was about to give up and go home, suddenly I notice them from the corner of my eye, fruit slot machines, could it be? Maybe I was just seeing a mirage? I had to get closer to take a closer look. There were fruit slot machines, now I know I must of died and gone to heaven! Doctors everywhere now prescribe fruit slot machines!These fruit slot machines were a sign from heaven. I put 5 coins in and watched the very same fruits that were in my bag, spin round and round. Who could of thought of such a thing as fruit slot machines? Must have been somebody out there who was in the same predicament as myself. I really couldn’t care less who thought of those fruit slot machines; the only important thing is that there are fruit slot machines. I munched on an apple as I watched the apples spinning, enjoyed my banana as I watched them spin as well. I inserted 5 more coins and felt great as I popped the grapes into my mouth. That’s when I heard it, that loud noise and saw the flashing red light, I won the progressive jackpot! I played the fruit slot machines for a whole month straight. I ate the very same fruits that spun round and round and had no desire for any other foods. By the end of the month I lost 50 pounds and gained $20, 000. 00. My doctor was so impressed by my story that he now prescribes fruit slot machines with the fruit diet. Thanks fruit slot machines for changing my life in more ways than one!

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