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I had just met a lovely lady, named Michelle. Since coming out of a messy, expensive and really nasty divorce three years earlier, to be honest, not only did I never think I would meet anyone again, but I never thought I would want to be with anyone again. But then all that changed when I met Michelle. Also, since discovering slot machine games through which to make easy money on, I was not so tight or worried about money as I had been with my ex Vanessa, who anyway took me to the proverbial cleaners. So I guess it really was the slot machine games that enabled me to relax with money. Enjoy life more making money with slot machine gamesWell, one night I took Michelle to my favorite restaurant on the decks. It was like a boat (but stationary) and overlooked the sea. It was wonderful and served fish fresh from the water and lobster, which Michelle ordered. Well, to cut a long story short, the bill came to $500 and while Michelle looked concerned, knowing about my wins on the slot machine games, I was not at all. Michelle was very impressed, but if she knew about the slot machine games, she would probably understand. Still, she was so beautiful and so lovely, I did not mind her being very impressed with me. She did not have to know I was making super bucks with slot machine games! If you are tired of always being poor, or never having quite enough cash to splurge out on, play these awesome slot machine games and enjoy $500 dinners!Need to Make Money? Check Out All the Slot Machine Games AroundPretend Slot Machine Games

Outer Space Slot Machines

Slot Machines: Up, Up and Away

“The goal I have for my slot machines is for them to go boldly where no slot machines have gone before, ” says Henri. Henri Walker, the controller of the Zander space station, is fulfilling a lifelong dream to be the owner of the first slot machines in space. When the new space station, the Zander, launches this April, twelve of Henri’s slot machines will be going along for the ride. “We’re taking the slot machines for a few different reasons, ” says Henri. “Firstly we’re creating history and a new world record. Secondly, we’re providing the crew of the Zander with first-class entertainment from the best slot machines ever. “Only the Best Slot Machines for the ZanderAmong the twelve slot machines earmarked for the trip, two are the newest of progressives featuring the latest technology. Another is a classic early model Liberty Bell. “Not only are these the first slot machines to venture into space, ” says Henri, “but we also made sure that they’re the best of their kind. When the crew are off duty, these slot machines will see a lot of action. We have to be able to keep up maintenance and repairs for the nine months we’ll be on board the Zander, so only the best slot machines are coming with us. The crew and I are really looking forward to the mission. Having our slot machines along make the prospect of space travel even more exciting than before. “Online Casino DirectoryPlay and Shop: Slot Machines and Wardrobe Expansion

Online Slots-Only Casino Opens a Virtual World

Carry You Through Online Slots-Only Casino

Nobody enjoys online slots better than someone who loves to sit back and have some fun from home. Online slots is perfect for unwinding and having some laughs. Just type in online slots into Google and you will immediately call up tens of options for online slots. Perhaps, ask around a little bit first and see what your friends and neighbors recommend. If they aren’t available surf around for a while on your own; it is part of the adventure. Don’t forget about online slots when you need some extra income to carry you through the holiday season. Try slots at a slots-only casino. Bookworms Should Try Slots at a Slots-Only CasinoMy favorite game is online slots at a slot-only casino. You might find that hard to believe because I do not look the type. I am the type who generally has my nose in a book, or at least I was until I discovered online slots. Online slots offers me that rush of adrenalin that even my favorite books don’t provide. When I play online slots I concentrate on nothing else and I just go into a virtual world of chance for a while. Have you tried a slots-only casino? If you are a bookworm like me don’t think that this game is not for you. Try it and see. My Mantra is ‘I will Win at Slot Machines’Playing At the Slots Only Casinos Is Like Playing a Piano

Play and Shop: Slot Machines and Wardrobe Expansion

I play slot machines before shopping

I needed some “me” time. I had been working so hard recently that I decided it was time to do something for myself. I wanted to completely indulge though, not just do a little bit. So I decided I was going to engage in my two favorite activities. I was going to play (at slot machines) and shop (for clothes). I loved doing both these things and was extremely excited for my playing and shopping day. I thought it was going to be a lot of fun. More than that, I did not feel at all guilty because I knew I really deserved it. Then I thought, besides, I may even make some money on the slot machines and then I really don’t have to feel bad about shopping. My first task therefore (on my “me” day) was to play the slot machines. I made more money than ever on the slot machinesAmazingly, I made more money than I ever would have imagined, playing slot machines. I had such fun with the slot machines and was not trying to make money. My aim was to have fun. Making money from the slot machines was just an added bonus. So I felt really good about spending lots of money shopping – there was no guilt involved, especially after all the money I had made with the slot machines!Outer Space Slot MachinesSleeping Right with Slot Machines

Search for the Slot Machine

With great fanfare Jason set sail from Newfoundland on his mission to discover the long lost slot machine believed hidden in the fjords of Sweden. He intended to reconstruct the original fateful voyage of the Argonauts to Sweden, when a pirate ship seized the ship’s cargo of the world’s first slot machine. The pirates believed that the slot machine was magical and had special powers, and had agreed to steal it for the Prince of Sweden, who was convinced that the slot machine would help him in his bid for the kingdom. The pirates never succeeded in handing over the slot machine to the Prince, for they were shipwrecked off the shores of Sweden. Determined that the precious slot machine would not fall into enemy hands, the slot machine was hidden with great care and secrecy. The Prince promised a great reward and magical powers for the finder of the lost slot machine. Jason finds the slot machineIt took Jason months of sailing and searching, following the all the details recorded by the disappointed Prince to locate the lost slot machine. He recovered it almost nine hundred years to the day of its original disappearance. It was an automatic magical win for the ecstatic Jason, who donated the precious slot machine to the grateful Swedish nation, happy to have recovered a part of their historical past.

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