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The Dream of the Talking Slot Machines

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Jan was starting to feel antsy. She had enjoyed her time in this West Virginia casino with slot machines, but she felt that she really needed to get back to the real world. It had all begun the night before when her car had broken down on a deserted road in West Virginia. She had stumbled into the mysterious casino with talking slot machines and hundreds of midgets and had been offered an unusual night. First she had played at the talking slot machines and had won a hefty sum, then they had offered her delicious food and music, and now she was having a massage and manicure. No one, except for the slot machines, had said a word to her yet, and yet they seemed to know exactly what she needed. Manicures And Slot Machines Finally, the midgets returned, took Jan past the talking slot machines and out the front door. Jan assumed that they were kicking her out. As relieved as she was on the one hand, she was disappointed to be leaving the talking slot machines. What a wonderful invention the talking slot machines were! Suddenly, Jan saw her perfectly repaired car in front of her. And then, all of a sudden, everything seemed to vanish. Jan was sitting on the road in her car. There was no sign of the midgets, the talking slot machines or the casino around. Jan spent hours driving around, trying to find the haven where she had spent the night – to no avail. It was gone. Had the talking slot machines been a dream? Jan assumed so… until she looked down and saw her perfect, new manicure. The Disappearance Of The Talking Slot MachinesThe Perks of Slot Machines

The Disappearance Of The Talking Slot Machines

The Mystery Of The Slot Machines

Jan was in a daze. She had stopped on the road in West Virginia with a broken car. After stumbling through the woods, she had come to a casino with slot machines. Jan had spent the night there, playing at the talking slot machines, receiving a manicure and massage and watching the midgets work. She had won at the slot machines and had had an incredibly interesting – although bizarre – evening. And now, she was back in her car, far away from the slot machines and the bizarre evening. And try as she might, Jan could not find the slot machines or the casino anywhere. Her car was fixed, the money was in her pocket and the manicure was on her fingers, but the slot machines did not seem to exist. Disappearing Slot MachinesJan didn’t know what to do with herself. She was supposed to spend the weekend with her boyfriend at the slot machines. How would she look at slot machines again and not think back to her strange experience in West Virginia? Where had the slot machines and the casino gone? Jan had no idea what to make of the whole experience – but she figured that it was time to get on the road and back to reality. She was already 10 hours late to meet her boyfriend. The different uses of slot machinesThe Dream of the Talking Slot Machines

The different uses of slot machines

Surprising data concerning Slot Machines

There are many uses for slot machines. You’d probably be mistaken to assume slot machines have only one use, but don’t worry. That’s a very common mistake. “What other uses can there be for slot machines?” you may ask. Well, my friend, you’d be surprise to hear about the different uses of slot machines. The different uses of slot machines:I will now list a few other uses for slot machines. A (admittedly large) Door Stop. Yes yes! Slot machines make great Door Stops. They’re decorative and may even play you a tune, if you press the right buttons… A Cabinet. You can store things on it, or drape beautiful fabrics on top of it. A Christmas Tree in a post modernism style. The Christmas lights are built-in in slot machines. A decorative Lightning Device. Slot machines usually come with flashing lights of all colors, and can fit perfectly in a teenager’s bedroom. You can also use it to prevent unwelcome intruders into your room or house. Slot machines are heavy. They make a perfect barrier. You can always try and slip some coins and see what happens… The Change of Identity I feel With Slot Machines: The Disappearance Of The Talking Slot Machines

The Change of Identity I feel With Slot Machines

My Shoes Have the Slot Machines Logo

My shoes have the slot machines logo as well as my baseball cap. My clothes all carry the slot machines logo and my briefcase for work has it imprinted on the handle. I am slot machines logo crazy. I used to wear Nuke, Nuke this and Nuke that, now its slot machines. As per normal with popular brands, slot machines is a very expensive, so I can only afford to buy one item with the logo on it a month. However, I do make a point of telling anyone that wants to buy me a present, to get me slot machines something or other. Slot Machines Logo Makes Me Feel a Bit Bugsy MalonishIts not that I am overly impressed with the image the brand creates. It’s more than that. The words Slot machines make me feel like I have a finger in the pie of the world of gambling, which of course I don’t. Since I am a chartered accountant, I understand the value of money and am a very cautious man. But I do like to dream about how I would be if I had been born someone entirely different, say in the Bugsy Malone era. So, for me, slot machines are just a way of stepping out of my box, briefly, and pretending on my way to work that I am someone different. Stronger Bladder with Slot MachinesThe different uses of slot machines

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