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Who you Will Find at Slots Only Casinos

I always wondered why so many slots only casinos had opened up in the past few years and was curious to see who visited slots only casinos. I myself love gambling at the tables so failed to understand why anybody would want to visit slots only casinos. I decided to visit the slots only casinos in order to find out why they had become so popular. I was amazed to see that it was mostly women who visited the slots only casinos. On a few occasions I played the slots myself and started chatting to the people around me who informed me that there was a reason for them preferring slots only casinos. Reason for Visiting Slots Only CasinosThe most popular reason given to me by the players at the slots only casinos was that feeding the slot machines was not as intimidating as gambling at the tables. All they are required to do is put in their money, pull the handle and wait to see if they win. Unlike blackjack or video poker, there is no skill involved and it is only luck, or the lack of it, that determines whether or not they win. They, therefore, prefer the slots only casinos as they are able to relax much more feeding the slots than they would be by playing at the tables. Weird? Strange? You Too Can Make Bucks on the Slots Only CasinoWinning at slots; playing slots for confidence

Winning at slots; playing slots for confidence

Playing slots; Picturing always winning at slots

I’d never won anything in my life and I’d become the laughing stock. At school, home and social groups; it was always “Stupid Simon” and “Simon the Senile, ” accompanied by smatterings of giggles that would chase me around everywhere. Until my early 20s. Until I’d discovered the slots. And it was that discovery that led to my happiness. Playing slots was fun, stimulating and more than that, something I was incredibly successful at. Before long I’d gone from “silly Simon” to “Simon the slot champion. ” It felt good, I had to confess. In as much as I’d pretended I didn’t mind being the dunce, being a winner – at a game I could find practically anywhere – really changed my life. Yes, indeed, I owed all my confidence to being successful at slots. Playing slots to impress the women: Slots and SelinaI never even tried to get a girl. Hell, it was bad enough being rejected by guys just as friends, than trying my luck with women. So I’d become a bit of a loner, until I started playing slots. And then with my phenomenal, apparently unbeatable success at slots, the women started flocking. But I wasn’t interested. Why should I be? How could I trust them? They’d all jeered calling me “Stupid Simon” before my success at slots, that why date them now?Until Selina. I’d never met anyone quite like her before. Quiet, sweet and with an incredible ass, Selina just stood on the sidelines as together with a bunch of others I played slots. I was never quite sure what she was doing there but she had such an air of modesty about her that I felt okay about trying to talk to her. And, as I thought, she’d welcomed the conversation and after we’d been dating a while confessed it wasn’t my talent in slots that did it for her, but how unaffected I was by the new confidence playing slots clearly gave me. Yeah, Selina was definitely the one for me.

Why Slot Machine Games Attract Us

The Attraction of Slot Machine Games

Why do so many people, all over the world, find that nothing feels better than playing slot machine games? This question has been intriguing me for a quite a while. After all, slot machine games are exciting and challenging, but what is it about these slot machine games that seems to cross the boundaries of age, gender, socio-economic levels, and cultural groups? People play these slot machine games all over the world and at ever increasing numbers. Today, slot machine games are the leading casino games by far. Slot Machine Games and the Craving for Risk From a historical point of view, humanity is descended from creatures very much like us. The people who lived five thousand years ago were much the same as us, except for the fact that they lived in a much more dangerous environment. Our ancestors were used to living in a very risky environment, and they probably began to enjoy it after a while. Could it be that by playing slot machine games and other forms of casino entertainment we are essentially satisfying the old carving for meeting danger and surviving it?

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