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The history of roulette throughout the world

Roulette is played all over the world. The name roulette derives from French roulette means small wheel in French. The game is played by placing bets on single number or a variety of numbers as well as on the colors black or red and the even or odd numbers.  The wheel is spun on one side and a ball is let loose on the other side which roles to eventually fall on one of the numbers. The origin of the roulette is uncertain but it has been around for quite a long period of time.

Spinning wheel in gaming dates back to the period of the Greco-Roman.  Soldiers in Rome used a chariot wheel which they spun on the ground with an arrow sticking and pointing a winning position between the spaces of the wheel. The Greeks used a shield with the same principle. The wheel or the shield would stop at a marked place which indicated the winner.

Roulette is thought to be a combination of the Italian “Hoca” game and the English “E-O” (even and odd). The Hoca game was played on a circular tablet on which a ball was rolled. Bets were placed on 40 cups of which 3 were house cup giving the house an advantage edge of 7.5% over the players. The E-O game played in England also had the principle of a circular table that had 40 sections denoted as Even or Odd. The principle of play was the same as that of the Hoca with the casino having two cups as advantage.Roulette in Europe

It is thought that roulette began in France and goes back to 1655. Its creation is attributed to Blaise Pascal, a French scientist and philosopher, when he made it as a perpetual motion machine.  The game started being played in monasteries for entertainment but later on was introduced in casinos. In the 18th century, Francois and Luis Blanc opened a casino in Hamburg, Germany and introduce the roulette with one zero slot.  When in 1860 the game was banned in Germany, they moved to Monte Carlo and turned the city into a real European gambling center.Roulette in the United State

Roulette spread to the United State late in the 18th century during the day of the Gold Rush. Instead of using the single zero, a double zero game was introduce being a lot more beneficial to casino owners. Since, the single roulette game has come to be known as “French Roulette” and the double zero game “American Roulette”.

Presently, roulette is played in many different places around the world and has also been introduced on the internet. Online games are increasing in popularity and have many different advantages such as: easy access, the possibility to pause the game and think, as well as easy transactions, and more.

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