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Wondering how to play slots? Well don’t worry no more. In this post, we are going to tell you not only how to play slots but also give you tips and advices to sharpen your skills. This post therefore covers the simple basics of how to play slots, the different slot machines available and the type of bet you need to make- Maximum or minimum bet. It may also contain some tips on how to become a better slot player as compared to others.


Slots are a widely played game. In fact, it is the most popular game in virtually all casinos. Played through slot machines, the game was invented by a San Francisco inventor in 1894. The inventor as the story goes had continually tried to make coin-operated devices but failed. However, he was eventually able to come up with a dealer-free impeccable casino game which does not require skill for individuals to win. This fascinated the public to much admiration. However, through technical developments and research, the modern slot machines are impossible to cheat against, offer diverse gaming experiences and require little prior knowledge to operate. More so, they can keep revelers entertained for up to 24 hours daily.

The Basics of Playing Slots

Do you still want to know how to play slots? Well, keenly follow the proceeding part. Slot machine basics have not changed a bit. All the machines have limited features both electronically or through analog display. There are three reels which generally represent numbers or symbols. There are usually twenty (20) symbols in each reel. It is these numbers/symbols which have to be aligned in diverse combinations for a player to win.

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The alignment of the symbols usually occurs after a player initiates a specific amount of money and initiates the turning of the reels. The amount of money won or lost on slot machines is dependent on a number of factors. These include the amount of money that a player inserts into the slot machine and the combination of numbers/symbols which are displayed. The slot machine works on the basis of a set of defined gears, levers and toggles. The metal shaft supporting the reel is the main feature of the slot machine. The metal shaft is connected to arms which are tasked with starting the machine’s process.

There is a braking system which is meant to do just that. It stops the spinning of the reel forcing the sensors to notify the reels position to the payout program of the machine. While this occurs in the analog slot machines, the electric machines are quite different. In electric slot machines, the reels are spun by motors in addition to other mechanical means. All in all, the game still play out similarly as it does in the counterpart analog machine. However, the electrical machines have more sophisticated and complex money-handling systems similar to those found in other vending machines. They also have various additions such as flash lights and other sound effects.

The slot machines flaunt a payout table. This allows the player to know in advance which combination of symbols will depend the amount of money inserted into the slots. The analog machines have an arm on the side of the machine. This arm can be pulled down by the player to start the spinning of the reels. While the analog machines have this feature, new era machines have removed this arm feature as they want to give their players an even interactive gaming experience. This enables the players to see, feel and feel as the machine goes up and down. However, the modern slot machines are fast moving towards an arm free- fully push gaming interface.

How To Play?

Most slot machines are now dealing with tickets vouchers as opposed to having to use coins at all time. The bill acceptors take an array of bills ranging from $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100. To play, a player is supposed to insert the bill or the ticket voucher into the bill acceptors of the slot machine of choice. You can then begin to play. Buy how do you this?

There are slot machines which allow you to choose the number of line to play. With the number of line to play, you can then choose the multiplier bet that you would like to make. This can either be a minimum or maximum bet which is influenced by the type of slot machine you are using-progressive or straight slot machines. Before playing any slot machine, make sure you have a good understanding of the rules printed on the slot machine glass.

Slot machine payouts

Slots have a high payout percentage ranging from 80-98%. This payback percentage is dependent on the minimum bet size and the local competition available. In cities such as Las Vegas which has the highest number of slot competitors, you can find the worst payback percentage due to the intense competition available in Sin City. However, the national average payback percentage of slot machines is estimated to stand at 90%. By paraphrasing this statement, it means that casinos with slot machines have a 10% advantage on every bet made using these slots.

Prior to playing any slot games especially online, it is key to ensure that the website is legitimate. Failure to this, you could end up losing a lot of money through illegal sites. It is advisable to play on sites which are verified. It is also important to have random number generators which ensures that you can be able to check the randomness of the numbers provided by the mentioned generator.

With an understanding of the payout percentages, it is much easier to understand the slot machine jargon. Those with a 95% payout are basically programmed to provide a payback of 95%. It is important to note that only a few players are able to collect a huge jackpot from playing this game. Others will make it out with little or nothing. However, most players will lose occasionally.

Playing Slots- The Rules

The foundation of any game is its rules. They provide the confines of the game while ensuring a fair playing ground for all parties. The question: Do you know how to play slots? Can thus be effectively be answered by evaluating how well you know the rules. It is advisable to read all the pay table of the machine and the instructions posted on the slots. If in any case you are not conversant with a rule or have a question, it is always advisable to contact a casino attendant or customer care center. As a player, you have a responsibility to know the rules of the game regarding the number of coins to insert as the game starts or the number of lines that you need to activate to win a specified price. Players who strike jackpots without meeting the requirements of the game are considered not to have won.

Identifying Slot machines

Slots are identified through colors. Candles refer to lights on top of the slot machines. There are lights at the bottom the candle and which are colored. This coloration acts as indicators of the amount of money that a player can bet on a specific machine. Usually, the red lights represent the nickel machine, yellow for a quarter machines while blue indicates a dollar machine or higher.

Progressive Slot Machines versus the Straight slot machines

Progressive and straight slot machines are the main types of slot machines we have in casinos today. The progressive machines as the name suggests are progressive. They are complicated machines which pay players a jackpot which increases by a certain percentage as more money is fed into the slot machine. Various progressive slot machines which provide such kind of jackpot feed one joint account from which the machines in the group use to payout. These slot machines therefore make the jackpot much bigger as compared to other slots available in casinos. The machines are usually connected through state lines or the boundaries of specific casino floors.

Common slots have 3 reels while others have 4 or 5 reels of play. The number of reels and the number of symbols present on every reel determines player’s odds of winning. The more the reels and symbols there are, the lower your likelihood to win. On the other hand, the prize is much bigger on these machines for those who happen to win.

Common slot machines are programmed to offer a payout of between 83 and 98%. This payout is mainly derived from the cash stored from the previous play. Usually, most machines have a single pay line, while others have up to 3 lines. Those with three (3) lines require that coins are inserted in each line for one to win. This on the other hand depends on the number of coins which are needed to operate the machines. This is based on the fact that bigger investments pay bigger amounts.

Payments for money won through the slot machines depend on the amount won. When the winnings are small jackpots, these are paid by the machine as prize money. However, when it comes to large jackpots, the prize money in this case is paid by the casino itself. You can be able to tell you have hit the jackpot when the casino employees start making their way towards you. When you pick progressive slot machines, it is always advisable to look for the best opportunity as the amount of jackpot varies considerably in various places.

Playing Slot machines minimum or maximum bet

The answer to the question “How to play slots?” has to be answered by advising players whether they should play minimum or maximum bets. The choice of whether to play minimum or maximum is dependent on whether the machine is progressive or straight slot machines. With this in mind, if a machine is not labeled as a progressive slot machine, it is advisable to bet the minimum. There is no justification to pay a huge amount if the payout is not fully dependent on the size of the bet placed. By betting minimum, this enables you to save on money as you can make many small bets which could give you small jackpots all the way. This is you can be able to avoid making large bets which could end up costing you heavily in terms of losses. However when using the straight slot machines, you have a fair chance of hitting the jackpot.

Play Slot Machines and Get free stuff

Did you ever think you would ever get free stuff by knowing how to play slots? There are numerous ways to get access to free stuff by playing slots. This presents players with another way to make huge profits off playing slots. Many land based casinos offers a multitude of “comps” worth millions of dollars in terms of free meals, show tickets, gifts. Cash, free rooms or invitations to slot tournaments. The “comps” denote anything given to the player for that players business. As a player, you deserve your share of these free gift stuffs due to the amount of time and money you invest on these slot games. The amount of free stuff you get is dependent on a number of factors. Importantly, it depends on the coins that individual’s cycle through the slot machines. Therefore, the more the number of coins, the more “comps” you get.

For you to gain access to the free stuff, you need to join any or the various slot clubs the casino has to offer. Not doing so is analogous to throwing money in the toilet. Take advantage of such free stuff. It is thus important to know the casino in-out and its comp system. This is based on the fact that all comp systems are not similar. Therefore, make sure to compare benefits of the programs of the different casinos. This enables you to find out their requirements and hence choose the that program which offers you the best deal depending on your level of play. If you are able to treat comps, programs and clubs and profits offered to those who play slot, then you may be able to make huge profits while still chasing the jackpot.

How to play Roulette?

Roulette is a popular form of casino. It involves players betting on one or on many numbers, color and shapes. There are two main types of Roulette that gamblers play on, these are the European and the American Roulette. The difference between the two number is in the number of zeros. The American Roulette has two zeros while the European has one. It is often advisable to play the European model because the one zero can increase your winning chances. In the American model there is a high chance that the Roulette can win. The winning combination is established upon spinning of of the ball and the wheel in the opposite directions; this will result in the ball ultimately losing momentum and falling on any of the numbers on the wheel.

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The person operating a casino is called a dealer or croupier. They are the ones who spin the wheel all the time including between the spins. Dealers spin the wheel and the ball simultaneously, but in opposite directions, this will allow the ball to roll and roll down before it lands on any number. The croupier has the duty of marking the winning number using a marker. The players are prohibited from placing their next bet in the active spin unless the dealer has removed the mark from the number that previously won. It is therefore gentle for the players to wait until the croupier picks the winning chip before putting down their chips.

The basics of the Roulette game

The main objective behind the playing and subsequent winning of a Roulette involves picking that winning number which appears on the wheel of the Roulette. Players can also bet on combination of numbers or on certain colors. This may not however be simple at it may seem on paper. When you decide to play this game, you must purchase your chip. To prevent any disputes, the dealer gives each player chips of different color that are used in that particular betting table only and the player should cash in when the game ends. At the tail end of a game, they players are presented with regular chips that they can take to the cage. Roulette table chips can not be cashed at the cage. Every table of Roulette has minimum and maximum betting amount; the outside and outside bets can not be combined to meet the minimum required of a table.

There are maximum of eight players at one time playing a game of Roulette. The players play against a house that is represented by a croupier or a dealer who handles the payouts. For you to win a game, you have to make a correct prediction as to the location that the ball will land after a spin. This makes Roulette a game of luck. It is allowed to bet on very many numbers so as to better your winning chances. A bet of several numbers or combined bet can considerably reduces your payout. It is recommended that the dealer becomes the first one to spin.

How Roulette is played

Roulette is played in an elongated table with a wheel that has a notch in a table where croupier can stand. The table has a layout with numbers from 1-36 that are organized in twelve rows and 3 dozens. Each of this numbers is surrounded by either Red or Black, Oval or Rectangle. The rectangular grid is meant for wagers with inside bet. Outside this numbered houses are various boxes meant for outside bets and are 18 in numbers at a given time.

These areas meant for outside type of betting are positioned on the elongated end of the table and far away from the dealer. A Roulette table has 38 or 37 numbered slots depending on whether it is American or European Roulette. Each of this slots has similar colored background that match the corresponding number on the table. Traditionally the ball was made of ivory but a modern one is made of plastic. The number that wins is the one that the ball settles on after the spinning.

The betting options available in Roulette

Playing Roulette presents an individual with various betting options, key among this are outside and inside bet. The inside bet option is when the player selects the exact number or several numbers upon which the ball settles on. This type of bet is based on layout proximity. Outside bet is the option involving the selection of in terms of generalization of the balls like color, odd or even or high or low. Outside bet is founded on probability. Roulette table imposes threshold bets that apply uniquely for the two betting options.

The principle of the Roulette is very simple for all players to grasp and people who don’t want to gamble with playing the game know it the wheel works. To begin, a white ball is spun around the wheel’s rim while the carousal turns in the other direction. When the white ball runs out of steam, it slowly runs down the slanting side of the base of the wheel where it will finally collide with the carousal’s metal frame.

The carousal has 37 slots and is labeled numerically from 0-36. The ball will finally rest in only one of the slots and that slot’s number will be the winning one. There are very many properties of the winning number which will affect bets on the table of the Roulette. Unless it is 0, the bet will low or high, odd or even, red or black. It also has to be in a certain column or dozen.

In the Roulette table layout, the numbers on the wheel are often displayed in a regular form that is identical to Roulette players everywhere. The following are the betting options:

Streets: These are strips made up of three numbers.

Even chances: May be Red or Black

Dozens: this include 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36.

Columns: May be 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

Numbers: 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc

Corners: This are the corners of the four numbers.

Six-Lines: Are strips of 6 numbers.

Procedure of playing Roulette

For you to place your bet, first you have to exchange the cash money or cash cheques at the cash desk for colored chips of Roulette. This can only be done at the table that you wish to play in. The Roulette chips should each be worth similar amount. The dealer asks the player the denomination with which they want the chips to be marked.

After exchanging the cash with chips, you will be ready to play pending announcement by the dealer. When the dealer mentions “place your bets” you will be free to place your chips any where you like. You will however, have to wait briefly before the ball rolls into the winning number in the series before you complete your bet. The bet will end when the dealer announces that” no more bets”. After you compete betting, you can exchange your remaining chips for cash chips at your playing table.

The following are the betting rules of Roulette:

Roulette is played with the players sitting or standing round the table. On the table layout, there is a wheel labeled with numbers 1-36 and a 0. There are some casinos especially in America with a wheel that has two zeros. Fifty percent of the numbers in the wheel have Red background while the rest half have a black background. The 0 traditionally has green background. Apart from Roulette wheel, the remaining part of table layout indicates several other bets individuals can make by placing their chips on those tables. This is where people have made and lost their fortunes.

In a game of Roulette, a new game starts when all the losing bets have been removed by the dealer and when the players who won the previous spin have been paid. The players are given time to place down their bets before the dealer starts spins. Immediately the game starts, the players will bet until the ball nears dropping from the tract atop the wheel down and towards slots that are numbered. The game ends when the dealer declares that there is no more bets. When the ball settles, the croupier places a mark on the corresponding number or atop any betting chips. All the winning bets will be cleared and those with winning numbers or winning combination are included.

In a game of Roulette, a player anticipates a number or pocket that the ivory ball will land on; this can be achieved through making range of bets. Inside bets have higher high paying odds. Inside bets are bets placed on the charts of numbers 1-36 and 0. A player has to place a chip at the center of the square with a number of their choice. if this comes up, the payment is 35 to 1,this is referred as straight up bet. The chart is separated in to several squares and numbers by lines called streets. Putting a chip into a street with two numbers is known as split bet and you can win in case one of them comes up on the spin; this will pay 17 to 1.

Players can place their chips to cover three numbers, this is referred to as a street bet and it can pay 11 to 1, and this is where the chip is located at the row-end of the numbers. Bets that are placed on the junction between 0, 1, and 2 and on the junctions of 0, 2, and 3 are also taken as street bets. A bet that covers four bets is called corner bet, it 8 to 1. A line bet covers six numbers and it can pay 5 to 1.

Outside bets don’t involve certain numbers. The bets are made outside the number map. Outside bets are general bets that don’t involve specific numbers. You can for example bet that Black or Red number will win and this can pay you 1 to 1. A player can bet on whether Even or Hot number number will win and this pays 1to 1. An individual can also bet that a number can be high from 19-36 or can be low from 18 to 0. These type of bets pays 1to 1.

You can also do column bet and in case that column wins, it pays 2 to 1. Sine the 36 numbers have been broken down into three dozens, there is the dozen bet where if you select the number that wins, you will be paid 2 to 1. Outside bets have low paying odds.

Playing Roulette

The following are the procedures or steps that should be followed when playing Roulette.

First the players should find a table by carrying a placard that describes their betting limits each table will have a board highlighting the previous numbers landed by the ball. There are cases where you may be tempted that the odds of a number will repeat itself. This may not be real. For a beginner, you should first watch what is happening since there is no strategy to playing Roulette, only luck.

Secondly, hand your chips to the dealer. Every player is assigned with particular color to differentiate it with other players or bettors. The dealer often asks the player his denomination for the purpose of designating the chips. After the designation, the croupier places a chip on the rail that is located near the wheel and marks the chips as an indication of the value of the session’s color chip. The Roulette chips do not have specific value outside that of the wheel hence when an individual opts to leave the table, all the remaining Roulette chips are placed at the layout and the dealer asked to cash out.

It is advisable for a player Know where to position his/her bets. Normally the first six bets are put on the pockets labeled 0-36 on the layout of the table. Players interested on betting bet on the columns can place their bets on an empty pocket that is under the 3-columns. For those who want to bet on the dozen, they have to choose the pocket P12 for the first 12 numbers, M12 is used for the or middle 12 numbers and D12 for 12 last numbers. A player who wants to bet on outside bets can sue Red, Black, Odd, Even, High or Low pockets.

Online Gambling Games: How to Play Blackjack?

It is important to learn how to play Blackjack if you plan on trying the game sometime in a casino for gambling purposes. Blackjack is a game of strategy. It is also a game that requires chance and luck in order to walk away richer after the game. The game is both enjoyable and involving at the same time. If the game is taking place at a casino, then it is obviously a formal game with a set of rules. Informal Blackjack games played in the streets vary in some rules to the casino games.

Understanding the Rules of Blackjack

In order to play a good game of blackjack, you must first understand the rules of the game. Remember that cards have suits. Suits are the hearts, clover, diamond and spades. These suits do not apply in a game of Blackjack. Only the values apply.

Each card used in Blackjack has a value attached to it. For the cards with numbers written on them, that card owns the number printed on it. For instance, a hearts card with the number 2 will have the value of 2. Some cards do not have a number on them and they include cards such as the Ace, K, Q and J. Understand that each card that is a Jack (J), King (K) and Queen (Q) has a value of 10. The ace has a value of 1 or 11 (eleven). It is usually a standard eleven (11) and is only counted as 1 when you are about to put you above 21 points.

Definitions used in Blackjack

A game of blackjack has a few technical names that one should know. Their meaning may as well determine whether you win a game or not. The term “Blackjack” means the combination of an ace card and another card with a total of 10 points. This will give you a total of 21 points. For instance, you could have an ace plus a K, an ace plus a J or an ace and a Q.

A “hole” is a card that belongs to the dealer that is facing downwards. This means that you cannot see the card value. The dealer is the casino. In a game of blackjack, you usually play against the house.

To “hit” is to draw another card, “Stand” means to not pick another card and “bust” is to advance over 21 points. This means that you have reached the losing point. Once your cards tally past 21, you will bust and lose the hand in the game. To bust is to lose.

Most casinos will “stand” at 17 or more. Some may choose to “hit” a softened 17. A soft 17 means the combination of the card of sixes and an ace.

The term ‘double down” means to double the amount of money, which you had bet when you started playing the game. When you double down, you get another single card from the dealer.

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To get “Insurance” is to make a bet that requires the dealer to show an ace. If a blackjack is owned by the dealer, then you break even. Breaking even means that the insurance bet has paid off and you both do not lose the game.

To “split” is to have two cards with the same value and make two hands. If both hands win, then you will earn double your bet money. If one hand wins, then you break even. If both the hands lose, then your loss is doubled. In order to split, you place both cards separately and place double bets every time you add money on the table.

By splitting, you may increase your winning chances two-fold or double your loses. This is one move that requires strategy. Decide what is best for you.

To “surrender” is to decide to let go of half your bet amount before the game. This move is done once you have reason to believe that the dealer has a Blackjack on him. This move is good when a face card is being shown by the dealer and the player is about to bust.’Even money” is when the dealer offers you a matching amount of cash for your Blackjack when you have a Blackjack and the dealer possesses a showing ace. If you turn it down, then you receive a push in the game as normal.

Know your Options

When you walk into a casino with the intention of playing Blackjack, you must know what is on the table for you otherwise you will lose your money to the casino. One of the cards policies is that the player goes first. You get to be the first player. If the player goes over 21 points, then the casino takes the money the player placed as a bet. If the house or casino “busts”, then you also lose your money to them. The dealer will always play last.

Know the Consequences of your actions

When you decide to make an insurance bet, split, double down or surrender, you should realize that in many instances, these actions will always favor the dealer and by extension, the house or casino. The casino is called the house in the Blackjack game.

By making a bet of insurance, you are declaring that you think the hole card of the dealer is a King (K), Queen (Q), Jack (J) or a 10. In order to profit from an insurance bet, you should place the bet only if you have a Blackjack. This will make you have a tie with the dealer otherwise known as the “Push” incase the dealer happens to have a blackjack too. In the casino, you neither win nor lose your money when a push occurs. Similarly, the dealer also remains neutral. However, in an informal game, you get an average payout because the push translates to 2-1.

When you decide to double down, then you will be issued with one more card by the dealer. You may not appreciate the hand that you end up with. If the dealer’s card is an ace, never double down. If the card is a face down, do not double down that is unless you have an ace or 11. The house will benefit if you do so because you will lose that hand.

Splitting would give you a great advantage if it were unrestricted. Unfortunately, the house understands this and has put restrictions in the game by only allowing a single instance in splitting aces. Aces greatly increase your chances of winning when splitting occurs severally and with several cards for each new hand. Thus you can only split an ace once and take a single card for each hand. The problem with splitting is that it has the power to make your hand excellent or terrible and interchange these two circumstances with a bit of luck.

One trick to splitting is that you should never split 5’s. You will total to 10 if you split making you end stronger point wise. Split 7’s or 8’s or aces if you can. These numbers are known to change potential losers into big winners.

Surrendering allows you to keep half of your bet. The game, if it continues, will have no positive or negative effect on you afterwards.

Playing Strategies

When you are knowledgeable in playing Blackjack, the house only has a 2% advantage over you. In order to win the hand, you ought to be closest to 21 points. The dealer should be further from 21 points than you are. If you go over 21, you bust and hence lose the game. If both the dealer and player have similar number of points, then it’s a push or draw. No one wins the game.

Consider surrender if you have accumulated points of 13 through to 16 and the dealer shows an ace or face card. You are most likely to bust. When the dealer especially shows you an ace, however bad his first draw was, he has an advantage because of his ability to draw better again. This is an advantage the house possesses.

Another excellent strategy is to always stand on a 17. A majority of the playing houses will refuse a hit if the dealer has a 17 in his hand. This makes it safe for the player to stand on 17.

11 is usually a great place to double down. It gives the player a chance to win the hand and double bets.

Card counting does not matter unless you do not mind gambling a large amount of money on one hand of the game. The strategy being that card counting is equal to betting 95% while playing the other 5%. It automatically gives you 2% advantage previously owned by the house. This is not such a great advantage because it will only give you about $20 for a bet of about $ 1000. It is a disadvantage if you are easy to pick out while playing Blackjack because of card counting. Losing will be the order of the day for you if you are noted. Have fun with the game but memorize the rules and know when you have an advantage and go for it.

Remember to never take a hit (pick another card) if your points are 15 and above. You will most likely bust (go over 21 points). If the dealer shows cards that tally to figures lower than ten and you have a 12, do not also take a hit. You will bust and lose the Blackjack round.

How to Play Blackjack?: The Moves and Game Gestures

The player will usually place his or her bet chips on the circle usually in front of the player’s seat. Every player is dealt two cards with the face showing by the dealer. The dealer then gives himself one card with the faces showing and another with the face hidden. Each player is then asked by the dealer whether they are interested to hit or stand at that particular point of the game. If you presume that the dealers’ hole is 10 and would like to hit, you indicate so by tapping the surface of the table or make a motion beckoning another card. The motion is more like calling someone with your fingers.

The cards are never touched in most playing houses. If you are not interested in hitting or are done hitting, you wave your hand over your cards with the palm of the hand facing downwards on the cards. Once all players have made up their minds and taken appropriate action depending on their decisions, the dealer then reveals the hole card and stands or hits as is appropriate. This is a round in the Blackjack game.


Payouts are always issued after the game results. A ratio of 3:2 is paid out if you hold a Blackjack. If your total points are higher than the dealers, you receive a double number of chips from the dealer. You also get double chips when the dealer busts.

If your total is lower than the dealers, or you bust, then all your chips are taken by the dealer. Pushes result in no payouts because they make both the dealer and player even out especially when both have Blackjacks.

Always Remember that…

Never bet too high or play when you are too inebriated. You will end up losing a lot of money. Amateurs require practice in order not to lose money. Unless you do not care for money, then limit the betting values to affordable ones. Blackjack can be addictive and should be respected in all the sense of the word. It is fun and very interesting with the tendency to keep you in play for as long as possible. The euphoria in the game is hard to resist especially when several players are involved.

If you do not understand the game, a few practices online with little money will help you to learn. You can also visit a casino but play only the minimum bet allowed otherwise the game will end up making you miserable because of your presumed “terrible” hands in the game. Take you time to know the strategies of Blackjack and then you will enjoy the game in future with more winnings and less loses.


Blackjack is played with money when betting is involved. Otherwise in informal games, anything with value such as jewelry or assets can also be used as betting stakes.