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Swiss gaming software is a turnkey solution that could be easily integrated with any gaming website. The system is simple in terms of usability and administration as well as unprecedentedly user friendly. Such features as multifunctional performance, exceptional reliability, scalability and stability, high speed of query processing and functioning in the whole. Our software makes it easy to create a gaming site in accordance with industry high standards and has the most advantageous quality-price ratio on the market. Find out why clients choose us!- SoftSwiss gaming software is a turnkey solution- That could be easily integrated with any gaming website. – The system is simple in terms of usability and administration as- Well as unprecedentedly user friendly. – Performance, exceptional – reliability, scalability and stability- High speed of query processing and functioning in the whole. Contact Usfor free consultationTel: +44 20 81230832Skype: casino. softswissE-mail: order@softswiss. comSoftSwiss is a team of enthusiasts ready to accept challenges and turn the most ambitious projects into life. We are looking for highly motivated, open-minded and talented specialists who are ready to work in the dynamic information technology sphere and become a part of our professional and friendly team. We can offer creative atmosphere, close-knit friendly team and field for self-expression and improvement.  We are very interested in fresh ideas and creative approach. Contact FormFill out the contact form and our manager will contact you:

A Brief Best Casino Online USA history

One can also find a whole lot of things that are directly associated with Casino history by reading casino reviews. Just like everything else, casino also evolved from the scratches and was not even distinguished as a separate hobby, just because the gambling games were initiated in Saloons where people usually came in to drink, talk and gamble, just because they would be able to find someone with them for a good chit chat in such places, however gambling was regarded as a secondary activity, and that is the point from where Casino historyactually began!Casino history – From where did the Casino history actually started?When we talk about Casino historyas the United States, there were mainly four cities that contributed a lot towards it s development which were specialized in different sectors including: Fur and Brew traders as well as the gold miners and such saloons were readily found in almost every area. These saloons also have their own history, as they have also evolved from the corner of the hall to their very own infrastructure, and this happened because of the increase in need of space in saloon; however the very first saloon transformed into an official casino in 1920’s. Casino history – When and why was gambling banned and about when it was legalized?The early 20th century’s state government consider it as a social evil, as this thing was able to harm the economy therefore it was entirely banned, but later on in 1930’s gambling was made official in some of the states and that was the time from where Las Vegas started to grew and became the first city proper and legalized casinos. When we talk about the middle ages of Casino history the name of Las Vegas always comes in, as it is regarded as the city that brought in the glamour in this industry hence brightening the middle ages of Casino history, and later on a great number of celebrities also contributed in adding an extra charm and glamour in Casino history, as they achieved a reputation in the gambling circuit and Las Vegas came to know as the Casino city more and more people as well as celebrities started to visit such casinos to try their luck out. That was a little Casino history that is associated with America; however France, Britain etc. have their own Casino history. It is always a good idea to have some knowledge of Casino history, if it is your favorite past time hobby or activity.

Best Casino Online USA banking – Different methods of depositing and withdrawing money from casino account

After selecting the right online casino slot website for yourself then the very next thing that you need to do is to select the casino banking, this is important because you need the services of casino banking in order to transfer money from your bank to online casino website account and vice versa. The role of casino banking is important because in online casinos you are actually dealing with the real money, as you play and win over the real money. You can choose among any of the following casino banking methods in order to credit your online casino account. Credit / Debit Cards. NETeller. Wire Transfer. Cheques / Money orders. Casino banking – Credit / Debit cardsThis is known to be the best, fastest and the most convenient way to credit your online casino account. As soon as you will charge your card over online casino website, your online casino website account would be credited with your desired amount, allowing you to play and bet immediately without any delay. Casino banking – NETellerNETeller works as a broker between your bank account and online casino website, and the best thing is that NETeller does not charges anything when you transfer funds into your casino account.   You can deposit fund in NETeller either by electronic funds transfer, credit / debit card or via transfer. Casino banking – Wire TransferWire Transfer can also be said as electronic bank transfer, and is known to be the best and the safest option for depositing or withdrawing money from your online casino account, as in this the money is directly taken or deposited from your bank account. Casino banking – Cheques / Money ordersThese are the other two ways of depositing fund in your online casino account; this method is safe but quite slow. All such ways are the part of casino banking,and different options are provided to you so that you can avail from all such options. Casino banking – Method of WithdrawalFollowing are some of the ways when it comes to withdrawal via casino banking:NETeller. Cheques / Money orders. Wire Transfer. Casino banking – NETeller: Just like the way you deposit money via casino banking in your online casino account, you can also withdraw it in the similar way in your NETeller account and then send it in your bank account, this method is a little slow as compared to the wire transfer as the third party (NETeller) is involved. Casino banking – Wire TransferJust like the way you deposited money in your casino account you can withdraw it in a similar way and is known to be the fastest way among all!Casino banking -Cheques / Money ordersThis is known to be the least preferred way of casino banking  when it comes to receiving money, as it is way much slow, but as a formality online casino websites are still offering the services of cheques and Money orders just to give another casino bankingfacility to the players.

Best Casino Online USA Bank Charges You Might Not Know About

Unfortunately, most people have no idea about gambling bank charges since they believe that these do not exist. That is completely false. It is obvious that there are charges with every single bank transaction out there but when referring to gambling, there might be extra charges that may occur. Extra Gambling Bank Charges Based On Country LawsThese are the bank charges that you need to know about and you have to take them into account. Every single country has special laws and some do talk about gambling and funds used for gambling purchases. As a very simple example, in Great Britain the Royal Bank of Scotland made various changes to what is defined as gaming transactions, together with associated bank charges. The Need Of Gambling Bank ChargesMany gamblers look at extra gambling bank charges as something that is not fair for them. This needs to be analyzed objectively. The amounts that are used for gambling nowadays are growing and it is normal for all institutions to take advantage of this by adding higher fees. In addition, we have countries where the fees that are charged by the government for gambling transactions are higher. In this case, every single gambling label added to a bank transfer has to bring in more fees so that the profit of the bank remains at least the same. Look at what banks you use and learn how much you will be charged on financial transactions that are associated with gambling. Adjust your bankrolls and take into account the fees so that you can control your entire financial activity.

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American Online Casino Review


Introduction- American Online Casino is an online site for gambling. It is a bonus friendly site. Its aim is to reward different players for playing any type of games they wish to play.

About- American does not accepts any player from US and Canada and works with the software powered with Rival. The casino’s main language is in English and operates on four currencies namely USD, British Pounds, South African Rand and Euros.

Features- American Casino has several games like all kinds of blackjack, jacks or video poker, roulette of America and Europe, 3 scratch card games and many more. It has all what a player needs for a world class casino. The classic 3 reel slots has games like Gold rush, Sevens and Bars, and many more. From the video slots it has games like Reel Party Platinum, 5 Reel Circus and Best of Luck.

American Online Casino Review

New players get $15 to start their game. The player can always check the terms and conditions of the wage in the cashier. 100% is the welcome bonus. $300 is being provided on games like slots, scratch cards and keno. Almost every day of the week has bonus. There is 100% bonus on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and even on the on the weekend. There is a60% bonus in table games for every player. The players can even have 25% reverse cashin bonus. Games like 21 Grand casino and even Highnoon casino are very famous in American Casino.

American casino is licensed by the government of Curacao. The purpose of the casino is operating as online casino. The terms and conditions of the casino are very strict. Any violation of these terms results in strict disciplinary actions. The content of the website and the software are licensed by American CASINO. American CASINO and its licenses hold the property of all the audio-video presentation being shown to the player and it is for personal use. Every player must be 18 years of age and should agree with the terms and conditions of the site. Players from Canada, Indonesia, Singapore, Cayman Islands and many more are not allowed to access this site. Therefore, all their losses and winnings will not be considered.

American Online Casino provides the feature of gaming Download and No-Download and it is as quick as a blink of an eye. The casino permits only one account in each household. Knowledge of more account of any one user will cause the account to be blocked by the authority. The players providing their postal address and email receives hardcopy items for the casino and several email notifications. If the player is no more interested in these stuffs they can unsubscribe it. Players can withdraw an amount of $4000 USD which they should win per week. Winnings caused by malfunctions of the software or any other technical will not be accepted and will be removed by the casino. The personal information of the player will be used for verifying the identity of the player and for preventing any crime caused by the player.

Final Verdict- I may not be a great gambler but I can assure that this online site is awesome and can attract even the novice in gambling to try their luck.

The Potential Of Inetbet Online Casino Review

Inetbet Online Casino cane into existence in 1999 and using games operated by Real Time Gaming. Inetbet Online Casino is operated by Internet Gaming Services, UK licensed by Costa Rica. Inetbet Online Casino last updated its platform on April 24th, 2012. Inetbet Online Casino has been rated as one of the best Costa Rica operating online casino game center that had flair for continuity. They are unique, effective, dependable, efficient with a right mind to help users gain the best. They have been in market since 1999 based on the good reputation that is given to them. Inetbet Online Casino keeps fair play and help users to discover great path of earning. They have several games that can keep users busy.

American Online Casino Reviews

Games And Software:

Inetbet Online Casino is loaded with RTG mode of games and can always make their users feel happy when using this platform. Inetbet Online Casino parade several slot machine games that users can always depend on to make maximum earning. This platform is dedicated and committed to offer several table games that users will like. Following the arrangement of the Inetbet Online Casino platform, users can gain total confidence in playing games thereof. Users can find games ranging from 3-Reeel, 5-Reel video slot with 243 play-lines, feature guarantee and free spins. Users can also enjoy other real games such as blackjack, roulette, Keno, Bingo slot machine just to mention a few. Inetbet Online Casino has graduated by giving users the app mode when they wish to. The graduation of Inetbet Online Casino is based on the expansion of games that their users want. Flowing from the rear can help you see the beauty of Inetbet Online Casino jackpot games that hit.

Poker can as well do well on the Inetbet Online Casino platform. If you want to discover the secret of winning high, using the poker games can an interesting thing on Inetbet Online Casino. Users can also depend on the poker mode of RTG series to get the best of Inetbet Online Casino. The basic knowledge and idea that is needed to win is rightly found on the platform of Inetbet Online Casino. For this reason, it is the right of users to tap deep and win as much as they can. Inetbet Online Casino has the free hand style to help users be on a great earning potential.

Customer Service And Banking:

Inetbet Online Casino deposit and withdraw method is carrying a great stand. Inetbet Online Casino allows credit card, Moneybookers, Neteller, Ukas, ECO, wire transfer just to mention a few. They have been found to gibe users better options that will favor them. They still remain one of the best casino to depend on. Inetbet Online Casino payout rate is also a dependable one for users. If you are talking about a system that cares for users, Inetbet Online Casino is one. They have e-mail, phone and chat for clear support service. They have excellent service for user. You can check on Inetbet Online Casino Review for more information as required.

The Quality Casino Grandbay Review

Casino Grandbay just came out from the blues, aiming at becoming one of the highest brands in the nearest future. It is a brand new casino with a promising features like the big giants of the industry. Jackpot Grand Casino came into existence in 2013 and licenced by Curacao gaming commission. Jackpot Grand Casino has real-time games with an excellent display on its website informing visitors with a small presentation of certain features. Simplicity is a big advantage when using the Jackpot Grand Casino platform. You can easily navigate through the tabs and find the operational meaning and value of its function. If you are looking for facts about this new online casino. Using its navigation system will help visitors achieve this success. Players from the United States are all welcome on this platform. More can be found on Jackpot Grand Online Casino Review.

Download Casino Grandbay:

You can always download the software or play the games on Casino Grandbay platform easily. If you wish to download the software, simply click the button below and access the process. You can also browse the online game and play directly. The downloading process of Jackpot Grand Casino does not take a long time. Players will be redirected to the guide page after the download process is completed. You can always save the files while the download process continue. With the help of the installation wizards, the download process will not take much time. The Jackpot Grand Casino download software is readily available for Mac and PC.

Register At Casino Grandbay:

The process is never a big deal for anyone to understand in a short time. Once the download process is done and ready for players, you will discover a registration form. You will always find standard box system on Jackpot Grand Casino registration form. It is similar to the big horns of the online casino game service. You will also find some explanation to keep things easy for visitors. Try to fill out the form correctly and sign the terms and conditions of Jackpot Grand Casino. You will discover that you are ready to go as the registration process is done. There will also be links to keep users updates on any offer.

Casino Grandbay Promotions:

Since Casino Grandbay is new in market, it does have some excellent promotions that can assist users. They have excellent promotions that users can benefit from, time and again. The general welcome bonus is 200% until 2,000 dollars. They also operate on a minimum amount of 21 dollars. You can also play games like Keno, Bingo and scratch cards.

Casino Grandbay Games And Software:

When talking about online casino games, there are just few websites to count on. Casino Grandbay can be counted as a great platform in this respect. From the Jackpot Grand Online Casino Review, clients can always depend on this service. The support team is always great in assisting users. In all, checking through Jackpot Grand Online Casino Review give users the total confidence on this platform.

Slots Of Fortune Online Casino Review: Getting the Best Benefits

You may want to read the Slots of Fortune Online Casino review before you are becoming the member. If you like playing online casino games so much, there is nothing wrong about finding out the details of the games and the sites, so you know what to expect and the possibility of the flaws.

So, what is the Slots of Fortune, anyway? It is basically an online casino that comes in various styles and offers different gaming options. It is very common today to have online casino games that offer more flexibility and easiness in enjoying the game. With the existence of online game, you don’t need to go out of the house just to enjoy your favorite game. You can simply sit at home, turn on your computer, sign into the site, and play the games. The implementation of the online casino game is basically just the same as the real casino setting. You need to have the money and you can cash out the money you have won. Cashing out won’t be difficult at all, as long as you have the bank account and such thing alike.

American Online Casinos Review

When playing the Slots of Fortune, you may think that all the games available in the site are only in slots form, but there are actually loads of different casino games that you can try. Moreover, with lots of members – and also the new members – the site is somehow ‘forced’ to be creative and provide different kinds of games. Not only the game is attractive in graphic and style, the site also offers lots of interesting bonuses and perks. Even when you sign up as new members, you will be pampered and flooded with various kinds of bonuses and advantages.

One of the reasons why people are interested in joining the site is because of the bonuses and also the promotions. The first advantage and interesting offer is the fact that you don’t need to have deposit. When you first sign up, most casino online sites require you to have a certain amount of deposit. But when you sign in within this particular site, you don’t need to have any deposit at all. In fact, you will be given a $15 bonus for your welcome bonus. Isn’t that so cool? The regulations and the requirements are all very simple and easy, so you don’t have to deal with the fuss and the complicated procedure. You can also enjoy the promotional value. With deposit bonus of 350% that is reaching up to $777, you can get free times on the slot machine. Not to mention that the cash out system is limitless so you can really have enjoyable time playing your favorite game.


Another great thing about this site is the friendly and helpful customer service. The service is friendly and helpful and you certainly can always contact them 24/7. Lots of users who have joined in the site point out that the customer service is one aspect that make them decide to join at the first place. Be sure to read the Slots of Fortune Online Casino review so you won’t regret your decision.