Online Casinos Accepting US Players


Gambling or an online casino playing is currently under very tight restrictions within the US. The legislative laws enacted against gambling have locked out many USA Casino players from enjoying their favorite casino games. Others have also been locked from their fortunes especially the players who have had a long time playing online casinos and making pretty good money out of it. Nonetheless, all is not gone even though the anti-gambling act is still alive and actively locking out many USA casino players. Currently, there are a number of Online Casinos Accepting US Players which are licensed and have been in business for long time and have a high credit score in terms of processing cash outs and ease of registering new members. In most cases, these Online Casinos Accepting US Players are located in other countries but they operate internationally.

Some of the USA casino players are starting to view it as better way of online casino gaming since they are now getting exposed to a wider market from where they can even make bigger fortunes. Additionally, there is a culture in USA that makes US citizens fancy having a new experience with other people from other parts of the globe and these Online Casinos Accepting US Players operating internationally seem to auger well with this culture.

One of the major challenges, however, is identifying a trustable online casino that accepts US players. Ever since the anti-gambling law was enacted, there has been a marked increase in the number of online casino games providers claiming to be accepting USA players. This situation has been made worse by the fact that many online casino game providers show their currency in US dollars and thus many US players easily fall into the trick. Other online casino games providers associate themselves with reputable online casino games providers to boost confidence among US players seeking for a place to play their favorite online casinos. Only a few players have been able to make wise use of the various reviews on online casino games of interest but a majority either gives up or get themselves into the trap.

All in all, proper evaluation of the online casino games being offered by various online providers should be enough to give an insight as to whether a given provider claiming to be accepting US online casino Players is genuine or not. Virtually every online casino provider has a place where the clients leave reviews or make comments and thus one can use such profiles to check the reliability of the online casino provider in question.

At a glance, the list of casino online games providers outlined below takes into account the reliability of the stated Online Casinos Accepting US Players with respect to their reliability in cashing out, ease of registration, customer support, time in business, bonus treats, betting limits and the varieties of online casino games offered.

Online Casinos Accepting US Players

i) U.S. Online Casino

U.S. is an international online casino games provider and is also privileged to be among the reputable online casinos accepting US players. It has a wide variety of games which are grouped into slot games, table games, Keno and Bingo and a last category under more games. Some of the casino games under “More Games” category include jacks, poker and deuce games. U.S. Online Casino gives the player a choice to either play directly through instant game player option or by downloading the game. The system requirements for their games are very low and thus one can play the games with PC or gadget with very inferior specifications.

The details for fair gaming are very promising since they use independent online game regulators such as Technical Systems Testing (TST), International Gaming Technology (IGT) and certified Random Number Generator (RNG). They also provide a live chat customer support system which makes it very easy to make any inquiry about the games and it’s also very reliable since one is given immediate feedback. When cashing out, one is supposed to provide his bank’s details where the processed withdrawals are to be deposited via wire transfer. NETELLER deposits and withdrawals are also supported.

ii) Club USA Online Casino

Club USA Online Casino is one of the unique online casinos that accept US players. One of its award winning features is its open and reliable complaint handling system. Once a complaint is received, it is displayed on the home page and once resolved, it is crossed with a straight and line and marked as resolved. It provides both instant play and downloadable gaming modes where players can play the various casino games that it provides. For the downloadable formats, one only needs a PC with at least 8MB and 1.3 GHz processor speed to run it. This casino game provider additionally gives bonuses to clients and supports direct withdrawals to banks.

iii) New USA Online Casino

This is another international online casino that accepts US players. After signing up or making a deposit, you receive a bonus for your signup or deposit. It is also very friendly in that you can use a free account after signing up for a new account and wager on real money that can be withdrawn. The customer support is also good and they also provide a facebook link page that players can use for added convenience in handling clients’ issues. Its games range from video games, pokers, slots to a wide variety of table games. The cash outs are also quite fast and they have a number of options that one can use to withdraw the accumulated cash. Some other notable features of New USA Online Casino include “No minimum withdrawal limit” and bonuses are allowed in all games although playthroughs are not allowed. It also gives a section for new players and VIP players which make the experience on its casino games quite fantastic.

iv) Las Vegas USA Online Casino

One of the most outstanding features of Las Vegas USA Online Casino is that they have a 24-hour customer support to the clients. The game varieties provided is also commendable and gets to over 300 games which also feature progressive jackpots and Roulettes. It also provides very handsome bonuses that are often set at $3,000 which one can make a claim. It is also among the Online Casinos Accepting US Players which use international fair gaming systems such as TST and IGT. Additionally, they do not charge casino fees when making deposits and one can use NETELLER, Visa cards, Money orders and many more options to deposit. When processing withdrawals, one can use ACH, Money orders, NETELLER, CheckVia Courier/Mail. Just like the other outlined online casinos that accepts US players, one can use the downloadable formats of the games or opt to use the instant game play mode.

v) New Online Casino

New Online Casino offers 24 hours support system all around. It offers over 130 games which include major video games, pokers, blackjacks and slots with a wide betting range and it is thus very pocket friendly to many online casino games players. After making a deposit, they give the player 1000% bonus instantly. They also support wide range of withdrawal and deposit methods which makes it very convenient to the players. Some of the deposit methods supported include person2person, NETELLER, click2pay and American Express among others. This casino game provider works in close collaboration with CDC, Real-time Gaming and Gambling Wages which makes it a highly trustworthy casino online games provider. For players looking for VIP feature, New Online Casino has a category for VIP players which has higher rewards and higher bonus treats although the betting limits and terms are dearer.

vi) US Online Casino

US Online Casino is one of the few online casinos that have handsome bonus treats to its players. After making a third deposit, you start getting bonuses and you can use a promotion code to get an extra 150% bonus on the same deposit. It offers four categories of online casino games namely the tables, blackjacks, video pokers and slots. The slots are the most dominant in the club getting to over 120 varieties which players can wager on. When making a deposit, the player is not restricted on the amount that he or she wants to deposit. One can make as little or as much as he or she wants provided that it is deposited via supported deposit portals. This online casino game provider is also among the few providers that support moneybookers deposits and withdrawals which many online casino players find convenient since it does not expose their visa card details or their bank details. They also provide both online and downloadable casino games for more convenience to players.

vii) Classy Coin Online Casino

At Classy Coin Online Casino, players get to enjoy high welcome bonus getting to $3,000 in table category. It provides quite a good number of games which includes Bonus bingo, Poker, European Slot Keno, Scratch cards, Slots and Real-Series Video Slots. It also gives a series of bonus codes which one can use when making deposits for extra bonuses after making a deposit. The Real Time Gaming software used in the games is also commendable and makes the experience on the machine fantastic as well as making the betting a fair game. As a player, one can either choose to use a free account or real account that uses real money in making bets. The bets are done through instant gaming mode or the player can opt to download the software and use it on the PC. However, there are some set limits in the deposits and withdrawals set that any player interested in making a withdrawal or a deposit must get beyond for his or her requested to be accepted.

viii) United States Online Casino

One of the most interesting features of this casino games provider is its fantastic user interface. The games are well set and all the accessories are well laid out. In addition to the slots, video pokers, blackjacks and Roulette, United States Online Casino also provides craps casino games. It is also a good place for newbie casino players since it has a provision for directing new players on how to play the games. It has a series of bonuses such weekly surprise bonus, $3000 bonus on slots and $1,000 on blackjacks. In terms of customer support, this online casino games provider provides a live chat customer support which is very convenient to many online casino games players. Players also tend to have extra fun at United States Online Casino through slot tournaments where players get to win handsome prizes. One can additionally keep track of his or her account through “My Account” feature which is provided on United States Online Casino’s site.

ix) US Online Casino

Online Casinos Accepting USA Players

US Online Casino is one of the online casinos accepting US players that give high bonuses to its players. After signing up, one receives a bonus ranging between 333% and 3333% as a triple bonus offer. Players also enjoy weekly promotions and table bonuses on various games that they wager on. The customer support is also excellent which is always provided in a 24-hour basis via live chat system as well as through a toll-free call system. It employs features for both fair gaming and responsible gaming which makes it a good choice for online casino players. Some of the deposit and withdrawal systems supported by this online casino games provider include MasterCard, Visa, Click2Pay, Clickand Buy, NETELLER, Moneybookers and UKash.

x) Miami Club Online Casino

Miami Club Online Casino presents a good solace point where one can securely place his bets. This casino games provider provides a wide variety of online casino games such as slots, video pokers, tables and other specialty games. It employs state-of-art and Random Number Generation System which ensures that all players place their bets on a neutral ground. The welcome bonus is set at $800 which is farther extended to the first eight deposits though the bonuses attracted by the deposits have a lower value than the signup bonus. They also provide 24 hour customer support system and support a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods including NETELLER, Credit card, Skrill and money transfer. They however have a weekly withdrawal limit set at $2,000 but all the withdrawals are processed within 24-72 hours.

Find More about New USA Online Casinos Today

There is a marked increase in the number of online casinos today and looking at new USA online casinos which are accepting more USA players is a good indication of this modern improvement in gambling. These casinos are accepting a number of payment methods from the players and the bonuses for the first deposits are huge and attractive. Many players are enrolling with these casinos in order to get the bonuses which can be redeemed and used to make bets during the game. Some of these methods involved in making deposits include credit cards from recognized banks, prepaid cards such as MasterCard, and wireless money transfer methods such as pay pal and Moneybookers. This is meant to draw a big number of new players hence boosting the membership of a particular casino. The high number of these new online casinos is attributed to the powerful gaming software that is capable of coordinating all the activities of a particular casino.

It will input the number of players to be involved in a particular game at a go and then accept their deposits. It will support a number of the payment methods which all the players will be using and then communicate with the relevant company for the remittance of the bet money.

There are a number of procedures for a new casino to be made available to the public online. This will make sure that the casino is valid and that payment will be made to the players when they win. It also confirms that the casino exists and it is not a fraud program made available in the internet by thugs. Experts will first deposit some money and play a specified game which they are very sure of winning. Upon winning, they wait to see whether the payment will be done. When payment is done, in addition to other activities, the casino is taken to be genuine and released to the public for subscription and gamming. Failure to cash out upon winning, the game is disqualified and made unavailable in the internet. This assures players that the casinos in which they enroll and make deposits are real and one can play to win and earn the stipulated bonuses. Security for the online games is a major concern especially when making deposits and making withdrawals. These new technology is taking control of everything now.

It is in U.S. Online Casino that one can acquire bonuses of up to 400% on making the first deposit. One can play the games online or can download the software and install to a computer. It is compatible with almost all models of computers and other devices with sufficient memory to support all the files required. It has an interactive interface where the player can regularly check for the new offers available and subscribe to them. One can freely check in to see the top players of a particular game and know the bets they had made. This helps the players to evaluate themselves and give a guideline on the amount of money they should include in making their bets. The support staff is online at all times where one can get any information required pertaining to the game. Any help will be offered to the player upon request. Best slots are well displayed and accessible at the click of the button. A list of the available games is in place where on can choose and proceed on and play.

You end up with $777 bonus once you sign up for slots as a new member at Club USA Online Casino. Signing for other games, you will earn a bonus of $ 150.It uses the real time gamming application which controls the activities of the game and interacts freely with all parties concerned. Customer services are excellent and a player will never be stuck at any time. The support staffs are available online around the clock and inquiries are swiftly handled. The casino is operated by club world casinos and assurance for payment upon winning is guaranteed. It is one of the online gaming casinos that works to entertain the players while playing and to make every step jovial. Players are encouraged to keep playing more and more. A variety of graphics are in place to guide the player. The casino presents over one hundred and sixteen games hence accommodating all sorts of players. Downloading and subsequent installation of the casino program does not take long to have the entire program ready for use on your computer.

A stylish interface is associated with New USA Online Casino which offers more than 130 different games for the players to choose.A bonus of 250% is offered to new players who end up making their deposits. It is also easy to download and install. It is one of the popular new USA online casinos offering the latest games over the internet. The themes and graphics are modern and in line with fashion. They are eye catching and will attract a good number of new members whom one can play with and make money. It has specified coupons which will allow the new player to acquire the indicated bonuses. All that is required for a player is to open an account with the administrator and proceed on to enjoy the benefits in there. Frequent improvements are being made every day to make the casino a place where all your gaming solutions will be gotten from.

It is in Las Vegas USA Online Casino where one can choose from over 120 online games to play. A new player will enjoy a bonus of $3000 upon making the first deposit. It has a well-made interface where the player can make selections and get information. It has a banking tab where the player will just click and follow the procedures in order to make payment using which ever method approved by the casino. Reviews about the game can also be gotten easily and comparison made. It is available free of charge for downloads and installation. Upon successful download, one can instantly access the program and move on to play. Any available promotion will be made available to the player on the screen and any player is eligible to subscribe. Support services are a priority and guidelines will be given where required at all times, during the day and during the night.

A bonus of 1000% is given to the player who signs up at New Online Casino which has over 100 online games. A good display of the available and most popular games is displayed to the player to select. The interface connects the player with the cashier where transactions of the bets are done. Preview of the game once played can be gotten and all rules of the games are in place for the players to read and comprehend. Like many of the new USA online casino, the program is downloadable and subsequently installed in notebooks and personal computers. A display keeps running across the screen to show the player the champions who have played before and the much they have won. This in a way motivates the player and creates an impression of winning the game. This is what keeps the spirit of the game high and one does not become bored. The gamming software is advanced and modern and it will offer all the needs required to make the playing enjoyable and successful.

US Online Casino is one the new online casino which accepts payment using MasterCard and visa from USA players. This has been convenient to players who use these prepaid cards to make their payment. There is no need to convert the currency you are using because the gamming software will do all this for you. It is ranked as a first class casino in USA where dignity of the members and players is highly ranked. New slots players will walk away with a bonus of $8000 one the deposit is made for the game. A second bonus of $250 follows upon making the second deposit. The third deposit comes with a bonus of $300. It presents more than 125 online games and over 80 different slots. Fair game is their concern and the players are always assured of their security while making the deposits. The software used is the best and provides reliable results to the player.

Classy Coin Online Casino is another online game for USA players accepting payment using MasterCard and visa cards. It also accepts a number of credit mechanisms which are approved by most banks in the region. The gaming software connects to the account of the player and makes the appropriate deductions as indicated in the bet value. It is also downloadable and gives a flash environment where one can play without having the program in a computer. Enquires from the players are well handled and solutions made available on time to enable the player achieve the best results possible. More than 100 online games are available which consist of slots and table games. Some video games are available and it is advisable to use the downloaded version because it gives a better and full view of the screen. This will make the flow of the game smooth. It takes about 24 hours for the deposits and withdrawals to mature and to be confirmed after which subsequent transactions can be carried out.

United States Online Casino is one of the safest online games that one can be assured of the security of the bets made. Those playing slots for the first time will enjoy a bonus of $3000 and those playing jackpot will enjoy a bonus of $1000. The screen offers stepwise instructions on how the player should go about playing the game in terms of making downloads, registering and paying the deposits in order to play. Weekly promotion and prizes are available which are mainly open to all members who have paid the deposits. It accepts MasterCard and other credit cards for making payments. Hot line numbers are displayed to the player to contact the support team in case of any need. The games available are well displayed to the player. One is required to operate an account in order to participate in the game and keep track of all that is happening. One can easily access the account created at click of the button which is well displayed.

A bonus of $9999 is enjoyed by new players and members at US Online Casino . There are over 80 games in this casino and special coupons to be used in acquiring the bonuses. There occur welcome bonuses as well as table bonuses. There also exist weekly promotions for players to win. The cash payouts are the biggest and unbelievable to many. The selection of the game here is the best and very interactive with the players. All these are free and open to everybody. A player can use live chats to contact the support team to get the required assistance for the game. Instructions are there for new comers and you will appreciate how fast you will get all the skills needed for the different games.

Another new USA online casino is Miami Club Online Casino which is owned by Deckmedia and is open to all dwellers of USA regardless of their specific place of origin. Their staffs are well educated operators of all games using a modern gamming program which combines all aspects of the game at a go. A welcoming bonus of $100 is available for new players and this is extended to $100 over the next eight deposits. There are daily tournaments that one can subscribe and win prizes worth $10000 at a single win. There are more than 150 different games available for players to enjoy and make bets. Amazing daily promotions are in place and one should take advantage of them. The security is greatly enhanced in all transactions involved starting from deposits withdrawals and cash payouts. Being a member of this club, one can opt to join a special club meant for VIPs which has amazing promotions and bonuses.

Its download is also free to get from the internet and the loading procedures to your personal computer or notebook are not complicated. It will take few minutes to have the whole task completed and playing can start immediately.

The Reviews of Different New Online Casinos for US Players

Online casinos are just the websites that allow online casino players or gamblers to place their bets and play different casino games through the Internet. These online casinos are similar to real casinos except that the virtual casinos are set up on the website, they normally have advantages over the gambler, and this therefore means that the website wins more money than what it gives out to the players over time.

Online casinos also known as virtual casinos or Internet casinos are played by various people all over the world. Currently there are new online casinos for US players and this means that they are specifically designed for United States players. Some of them are discussed as follows.

1. U.S. Online Casino Review

The U.S. online casino is currently rated second in the United States. It is one of their favorite online casinos. It is popular because of its weekly bonus specials and online slots robust selection. Therefore, it has great online bonuses. For instance, it can offer a generous 4,000 dollars of welcome bonus for all Internet slots plus a 400 percent match on the player’s first deposit, with the lowest deposit being 20 dollars.

The software – U.S. online casinos use the Real Time Gaming (RTG) system, which is a general platform to find on most of their major websites. The OnBling casino, Classy Coin Casino and US Casino also use the same platform in their websites. This software is the best in the market and can even be used in small gadgets like iPad.

This type of online casinos contains several games giving US players a wide selection to make their choice from. They are mostly popular for large jackpots and slots. In addition, since they use an RTG system they therefore contain games such as Roulette, Blackjack, and Poker.

Customer service – in USA Online Casino websites, their customer care support is friendly and welcoming. They can give any visitor of their website strength to review what their casino entails. In short, customer support services they offer is excellent, kind, courteous, motivated, just name them. They are willing to answer all questions asked.

Banks and Deposits – this is the major concern for most gamblers, in USA Online Casino, withdrawals and deposits are very easy and fast. They accept all types of major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard. As said earlier, for players who make their deposits for the first time, they are given a 400 percent match.

2. Club USA Online Casino Review

Club USA is a virtual casino run by the Club World Group. It is specifically created and designed for US players. The Club USA online runs like any other online casino but it is much faster as compared to some other online casino. It is believed to pay their winners every day. It also gives several bonus offers to its returning and prospective players.

Club USA Casino uses the Real Time Gaming system. This is to ensure the game players play gives completely random outcomes. Currently, this online casino is hosting over 90 games. These are 16 reel slots, 37 video slots, 6 blackjacks, 10 progressive games, baccarat, sic BO, 5 poker variants, War and Keno as the bonus games. They are very high quality online casino games.

The cashier options and customer support services – their customer representatives are easily contactable through phone, email, and sometimes through live chat. They are fast and ready to answer all questions from players. In the cashier options, this online casino uses extreme safeguards to guarantee security of its monetary transactions done between the clients and the casino. Its banking methods are Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Central Coin, MoneyBookers, NETeller, Visa Delta, Wire Transfer, Click2Pay, BankDrafts, Ecopayz, Ewallet Express, and FirePay. The club allows its players to make deposits in Euros, UK Pounds, and US Dollars.

3. New USA Online Casino Review

The New USA Online Casino are also a Real Time Gaming platform casino that forms part of online casinos. It is popular for its deposit bonus and free chips. However, it may seem to be unfortunate to its players since its low payouts and technicality in winnings.

The software New USA Casino come with free chip codes. It only the focuses on the slots games as its names suggests. The platform it uses has crisp and clear graphics with a few realistic sound effects. Additionally, the slots are available in various varieties. The casino also offers some traditional table and card games such as Roulette, Video Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, and Caribbean Stud Poker. In New USA Casino, there are more than 75 games available.

New USA Online Casino representatives are reachable at any time around the clock through its online live chat, Email or telephone support. However, the customer service representatives can be sometimes hostile and rude.

The banking options – the banking options are partially limited. The casino only accepts deposits from MasterCard, NETeller, Click2Play, and Visa. All of its withdrawals are made via Wire Transfer.

4. Las Vegas USA Online Casino Review

Las Vegas USA Online Casino is based in Costa Rica and it is operated by the Mainstreet Vegas Group. It is also using the system of Real Time Gaming, which is one of the new online casinos for US players. It provides its players with a number of games with excellent variety of Real Series Video Slots of the casino.

Las Vegas USA Online Casino games include Roulette, Baccarat, 3 Card Poker, Blackjack, Craps, Caribbean Stud Poker, Pai Gow Poker, just to name a few. For players who want to play Video Poker, it is readily available in this casino with many game play options provided for punters. All games in this casino are run very fast and smoothly.

Customer care and banking options – Las Vegas USA Online Casino offers many options to its players to withdraw and deposit their money. It is also advantageous to people since it does not charge any amount for withdrawal payments that many players will like. Its deposits include Click and Buy. Credit cards, MoneyBookers, Gift Cards, Money Order, Neteller and Instadebit. On the other hand, withdrawals are done through courier checks, standard checks, and ACH that applies only to US bank accounts.

Customer care services – its customer support operates around the clock, seven days a week and readily available for punters who have issues with the casino. Players from US can use the instant message toll free telephone calls and emails. However, instant message seems to work quite faster than the other means of communication they use.

5. New Online Casino Review

The New Casino is one of the casinos that use the Real Time Gaming platform. It is also a category of Costa Rican based online casinos. Most importantly, it is one of the new online casinos for US players. It is popular because of its many varied deposit and free chip promotions it offers. Unfortunately, it is also known for being slow in the withdrawal process. Their terms and conditions are also contradicting.

The software – the software that New Casino uses, is installed in the computer system and come with some free chip codes. This casino comprises over 100 online games and almost all if not all multiple progressive jackpots. Some of the games that are found in this casino are the reel slots, table games and the video slots. The New Casino software must be downloaded and installed in the player’s computer system, to be able to play many of its games. However, some small games can be played online. Its game interface is not complicated and straightforward that is convenient for players who do not want the distraction.

The customer support – The New Casino customer support is readily available around the clock to respond to their customers. It is done via telephone, email, and even live chat.

Deposits and withdrawals at this casino are fully limited to deposits through Neteller, Click2Play, Visa, and MasterCard. The customers are provided with only one option of withdrawal and that is Wire Transfer.

6. US Online Casino Review

The US Casino is the ownership of Millor Group, which was established in 2011. It uses the Real Time Gaming platform. It is an online licensed casino in Curacao allows all US players.

The deposit and withdrawal methods – the US online casino deposits are limited and only allow two credit cards for all USA players. With visa deposits, everything is very successful and quick as compared to MasterCard deposits. In this regard, the US online Casino is the one of the new online casinos for US players. All withdrawals are offered via Wire Transfer at the website of US where the player is winnings are put directly into their personal bank accounts. It takes ten days on average for the money to be received.

The software – US Casino uses a software platform of the Real Time Gaming that players feel and consider as the excellent software available. Games of this casino are sleek, quick and contain extravagant graphics. There software flash version is also available which is quite outstanding. In addition to this, the US Casino is a platform of the Real Time Gaming; it offers the biggest progressive jackpots only available to USA casino players. Games such as Aztec Millions, Shopping Spree, and Jackpot PiƱatas are all available for players.

Customer support – The US customer care representative is easily reachable in various ways and at any time. On its website, there are a LIVE Chat feature available, and e-mail services. Every time a player or visitor contact the customer support, they readily available to respond to their problems.

7. Classy Coin Online Casino Review

The Classy Coin online Casino is also one of the new online casinos for US players and it belongs to Milore Limited such as U.S. and OnBling Casino.

The software – It is powered by the software of Real Time Gambling that includes the entire software library of the company. However, it lacks networked games of the progressive jackpot. Through its website, players are provided with a registration procedure and playing game options. The first choice is a “no-download” Flash version, which lets players play games through their Internet connections. The second option is the software downloadable option that is installed in the players’ computer systems.

The Classy Coin online Casino comprises several slots games with; there is a variety of slot machines with amazing graphics of the slots blended together. The games are actually responsive and offer a great gaming experience.

The banking option – To bank at the Classy Coin Casino is absolutely the greatest casino disappointing aspect. Since it is one of the new online casinos for US players, Its management only focuses on the USA market and because of this, the withdrawal and deposit options are now limited.

Customer support – its customer service is somehow better than its banking system as the customer care representatives treat the customers in a friendly manner. These services are via telephone, email, and live chat. Each of this means of communication is quick for responses and convenient to use.

8. United States online Casino Review

The United States online casino has been in existence on the Internet for over a decade and its games are supported by RTG system. It is one of the online casinos for players from the United States and it is a reputable and trusted online casino.

This casino is popular for its great selection of the 5-reel video slots game with other bonus games such as free spins, classic 3-reel slots, and feature rounds.

Banks and Deposits – this is the major concern for most gamblers, in United States online casino withdrawals and deposits are very easy and fast. They accept all types of major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard. Its customer care services are also not bad and they are considerable to their customers.

9. US Online Casino review

The US Online Casino is one of the new online casinos for US players being launched later last year. It offers great features that have been lacking in most of online casinos. It boasts lucrative bonuses series for new players. It offers daily and weekly bonus packages such as the Slots Only Bonus, the Hidden Bonuses, and the Table Games Bonus.

The software – it uses a software platform designed by NuWorks. It is origin is the Real Time Gaming. Its banking methods are Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Central Coin, MoneyBookers, NETeller, Visa Delta, Wire Transfer, Click2Pay, BankDrafts, Ecopayz, Ewallet Express, and FirePay.

10. Miami Club Online Casino review

Online Casino Accepting US Players

The Miami Club Online Casino is also a Real Time Gaming platform casino that forms part of online casinos. It is popular for its deposit bonus and free chips. It is also one of the new online casinos for US players on the Internet market. However, it may seem to be unfortunate to its players since its low payouts and technicality in winnings.

The software – Miami Club Online Casino uses the Real Time Gaming (RTG) system, which is a general platform to find on most of their major websites. The OnBling casino, Classy Coin Casino and US Casino also use the same platform in their websites.

The deposit and withdrawal methods – the Miami Club Online Casino deposits are limited. With visa deposits, everything is very successful and quick as compared to MasterCard deposits.


In summation, all above discussed reviews of new online casinos for US, players are specifically designed for American citizens and any player who is not a citizen in America; some of the casinos give them an option if they want to play.