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A short brief on Roulette guide

The spinning wheel

So the first question needs to be answered in Roulette guide is what actually roulette is. Roulette is a gambling game that involves in guessing the number on which the roulette ball will land. So roulette has a big wheel which can spin. Also there is a ball that is spun against the wheel. Of course at a certain time the roulette wheel will stop spinning and the ball lands on a specific field. Roulette guide gives you technique to guess exactly which field the ball will land because that is the ultimate winning guess you are making in roulette board. In European roulette there are 37 pockets each having a specific number from 1 to 36 and in American roulette there are 38 pockets.

The colorful pockets

There are two types of colors used to represent the pockets- red and black. There is one more color green that represent the pocket numbered zero. These layouts of Roulette guide you to mark your betting position. Generally the color black on boards of Roulette guide the odd number while the even numbers are guided by red.

Tips and tricks of betting

The Roulette guides the players to have different betting techniques. Inside bets involve placing a wager on specific number. The exact number must be guessed where the ball will land in. The players of inside bets are allowed to guess a small range of pocket numbers depending on their proximity. Players who are betting outside have options to bet on large range of pockets or the pocket color or the properties of the number (odds or even). For example a player who is betting outside will bet “Red pocket” or “Even number”. And if the ball lands on either black pocket or on an odd number like 23, the player loses the bet. There are different types of bets which the player can call upon. Straight up bets are wager on exact number while the square bets on the square layout of the roulette wheel like 11-12-14-15. Like slots guide Roulette guide covers all the betting terminology like corner, trio, topline, six lines etc.  

Casino Roulette Download

In this article we are going to talk about casino roulette download. In order to dot our i’s and to cross out t’s from the very beginning, let’s define what they usually mean when it comes to casino roulette download. They could mean the platform of the online casino, namely the software provider, such as Cryptologic or BossMedia. Depending on it, a gambler gets access to some variety of the games and their variations (for example, slots, dice and roulette plus their variations as the bonus games). Speaking of casino roulette download, they could mean the software you install on the computer in order to play on the Internet for free or for cash. This download comes as an installation with the exe. file name. Casino roulette download is also the synonym for the browser Flash games, videos on the theme, how-to-do articles, strategies, statistical tables, calculators and predictors, and reviews. Everything is needed; everything is valuable. Free casino roulette is one of the most interesting casino roulette downloads.

Free casino roulette gambling is available in two major modes: downloadable and non-downloadable software. Some of these software work only in some kinds of the casinos or in some roulette variations. So read the terms and conditions or pay attention to the brief descriptions given above the game window itself. Those gamblers who are prospectively could join up the cash casino games should turn attention to a roulette download bonus, i. e. a promotion given for free participation in the roulette games. A gambler can be granted with such bonuses like refer-a-friend (for inviting a friend), signup (registration), fixed bonuses for the particular achievements during gambling, or even free roulette downloads for extremely valuable victories.

Casino Roulette Game

For a long time the casino roulette game has been for pleasure of a few lucky people. The casino roulette game has been played in the land-based casino only and only several individuals succeeded to participate in this manifestation of human desire to win and technologies that provide such an opportunity. Nowadays, considering simple rules of the casino roulette game, it moved on to the Internet casinos. To play casino roulette, a gambler should understand that roulette is a luck-based game. Thus, luck is the key factor that determines whether you will win today or you will be forced to leave the casino without a penny for a taxi. With thousands of the casinos all over the world, the best ones are located in the United States (Las Vegas), in GB (London) and in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). There are the casinos where one can play roulette in the most world capitals as well. The best casinos are situated in the well-known hotels. If gambling in the brick-and-mortar casinos is not something you’re interested in, so you are welcome to try your lucky nature in the roulette game online. If somebody assures you that roulette game online and offline are totally similar, just go to the Internet gambling communities and speak to the gamblers who tend to play Roulette on a regular basis. They will tell you how different from its virtual sister a land-based roulette game is. The online innovations mostly concern the promotions and online gambling technique. Online casinos offer a free roulette game (no charge for participation and betting), video roulette and mini roulette that is a good alternative to European and American roulette games.

Casino Roulette Rules

Even if they assure you that roulette is entirely a luck-based game, it doesn’t mean that you needn’t learning the casino roulette rules. A luck-based game just provides fuller thrill and excitement, it’s a little bit risky than poker or blackjack, but it’s no way amateurish. When it comes to the risky and adventurous gambling experience, we offer you to pay attention to the basic casino roulette rules and strategies. Roulette originated in XVIII c. in France. Since then, it moved on to America and the rest of Europe thanks to the easy casino roulette rules. In spite of the fact that they differ two types of the casino roulette game, there is a sense to go into detail on the general basic rules since they are almost universal. Minimum 6, maximum 8 gamblers are allowed to take part in the casino roulette game at a time. A dealer announces the betting round and throws the ball into the casino roulette wheel. While the ball is rotating, gamblers should manage to make their bets. There are inside and outside bets. The inside bets are as following: one single number (straight up), two numbers apart (split), three numbers in a line (street), four numbers (corner), six numbers (six line), and the bet on 0, 1, 2 (or 0, 2, 3) that is referred to as “trio”. There are three outside betting boxes: 1 to 18, 19 to 36, Red or Black, Odd or Even, Dozen Bets, and Column bet. European roulette rules are worthy just a few words to be discussed. The matter is that higher gambler’s odds are achieved due to two rules: En Prison (even chances don’t lose but the bet is preserved until the next spin) and La Portage (a gambler gets a half of his bet even if it loses). Nowadays, online roulette attracts every second gambler. Such a popularity is easily explained – the online roulette rules are all the same, online roulette is provided by loads of casinos and it’s even available to gamble for fun.

Casino Roulette Wheels

Here is the truth about the casino roulette wheels. No, no! We are not going to unmask those “artful casinos”. Let’s speak about the facts that concern the traditional casino roulette wheel. There are two different kinds of the casino roulette wheel. European one has 37 red and black slots that alter and one Zero slot. American roulette wheel has 38 slots with one Zero and Double Zero. In spite of the fact that the numbers seem to be spread as randomly as possible, actually, let’s believe statistics. The matter is that the cells are spread randomly in a way to lessen chances to win, i. e. as far from each other as possible. It’s an additional reason to believe in luck when you’re involved into roulette gambling. In accordance to another theory, the numbers are placed in a way to balance small (1-18) and big (18-36) numbers, red and black, even and odd. For example, on the American roulette wheel the numbers are alternated; two even follow two odds; red numbers are placed against black ones; most numbers make a pair the total sum of which is equal to 37 or 39 points. European casino roulette table layout altered pretty much in order to provide greater chances to win. They used to believe that the European casino roulette table layout differs from its American brother with the quantity of Zeros only. However, the colors rotation occurs as well since the rule of strict number and colors alternation is broken due to lack of the additional cell (0). In such a way, 1 and 27 stand next to each other. You see, the roulette wheels numbers are quite a complicated theory, but once you learned this basic information, you would be able to bet blindly. It’s also hard to predict the outcome but if you have an opportunity to track the roulette wheels numbers dealt during gambling use your chance just for getting statistics instead of keeping the numbers in your mind.

Free Casino Roulette

Every person is adventurous to no small degree. Certainly, everybody has experienced risky situations when you need to sacrifice something and when you believe in luck. It happens often that gambling turns to be such a symbol for people who hope to be lucky. People want to earn money quickly and easily – gambling is a perfect opportunity to do it if you play in a smart way. There are many types of games and you may choose anyone of them, for example, the most popular are the free casino roulette games that attract you and even lure you. Live roulette games are the kind of gambling when a ball is dropped to rotate in the horizontal wheel divided into 37 or 38 numbered and colored slots, with players betting on the slot into which the ball will fall. In general, the casino roulette strategies are rather simple and understandable for everyone. The cells are numbered and colored in red (it is always the prime) and black. The numbers are in a disorder but the colors are obligatory alternating. There is also green sector with a number zero which increases the profits. There are American and Europe casino roulette games. The difference consists exactly in the third sector. There are two green cells of zero for extra odds in the American casino roulette strategies and only one zero considered by the European casino roulette strategies. Along with that, there is a very important tendency, that is nowadays free casino roulette has become a widespread game. Even on the Internet you may download the free casino roulette games. Free roulette downloads are accessible for every potential player. It is like an amusement park that causes the feeling of happiness and gladness. If you are short of bright emotions and you want to entertain yourself at night, then choose the free casino roulette games to gamble!

Casino Roulette Table

If you’ve even been to Las Vegas or you’ve seen its games on the Internet, it will be easier to you to pick one of the numerous games. On getting familiarized with the casino gambling games, many gamblers choose the roulette games. In spite of the fact that most professional gamblers would prefer the games with more positive odds and weaker house advantage, there was nothing to do – a luck-based roulette table game wins hearts again and again. Whatever they say, an amount of luck needed for winning depends hardly on the casino roulette table that is specific to every kind of the roulette game. There are two major roulette kinds: American and European (or French). European roulette tables ranges 36 numbers from 1 to 36, and Zero. American roulette has 38 numbers including two Zero cells. If to consider the odds, American roulette is less profitable for the gamblers since its Double Zero bet doubles the casino advantage. Casino roulette table for domestic gambling is quite a popular good in the online stores. Pay attention that such casino roulette table is sold with the needed accessories: the wheel, roulette table layout (a large piece of green cloth with printed cells and numbers), chips, stands and dealer’s devices. These casino roulette tables are made of solid wood or can be adjustable in order to suit any space and any amount of guests. The casino roulette rules are simple and easily available on the Internet. Check out the casino roulette rules before starting gambling for the first time. Perhaps, you’ll enjoy the common roulette games with higher bets, or mini roulette with reduced bets and equal chances, or you want to feel real thrilling of real gambling to join up one of the live roulette casinos. So it’s up to you what to choose!

Play Casino Roulette

Many people are just crazy about gambling. Being so much addicted they don’t recognize the difference between playing in real casino or just computer games. Among casino games there are such as slots, blackjack, video poker, and of course roulette. Before you play casino roulette for real money, get experienced spinning the roulette for free on the Internet. If you dared to play casino roulette it means you are aware of its layout, buying in, inside/outside bets, the dealer, and playing tips in this game. Play casino roulette and remember to pick the winning number appearing on the roulette wheel. Casino roulette wheel plays an important role in the game. Being originated in France, roulette got developed, and nowadays has many various names in each of the world’s countries. One casino roulette wheel is the European consisting of 37 slots numbered 0-36. Another kind is the American casino roulette wheel counting 38 numbers because of a double zero added. Find the Internet access and then look for the leading gambling guides. They will prompt you how to play roulette for free. In other words, if you wish to play roulette for free, you actually should play roulette online. Either you play roulette for free or for money, or you do it in real casino or play roulette online, you have to determine what amount you wish to bet at the beginning of every round offered by clicking on the corresponding chips. As soon as you have that done, place the amount of chips you choose to bet on the desired spot on the board’s individual numbers. Keep to other rules of the game and play roulette online further.

Author: Matt Smith – Expert of The “BEST” Roulette Casinos Online

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